Essay on Online Shopping | Online Shopping Essay

Essay on online shopping | Online shopping essay

In this era of technology, online shopping has become so popular that everyone is using this method to buy products online. Here we have written an essay on online shopping for students. This is very important essay topic for all competitive as well as academic exams. Lets’ see essay on online shopping.

Essay on Online Shopping | Online Shopping Essay, advantages of online shopping essay, disadvantages of online shopping essay

Essay on online shopping

Advancement of technology has many benefits and online shopping is one of the best gifts of modern technology. It has made it possible that numerous of products are available at online stores and we can shop it online in just a click and delivery person will deliver the same as early as possible. Seeing the convenience of online shopping most of the people in cities and also in rural areas prefer online shopping.

Meaning of online shopping

The method of shopping from online stores using our mobile phones or laptop is known as online shopping. Technology has converted many traditional physical stores into online store. All the products which are available on physical stores can also be seen at online stores and can be purchased online is just a click. There are many websites such as, e-bay, Flipkart, Paytm Mall, Snapdeal, Myntra,,, Urbanclap etc. which provide facility of online shopping. We have to just visit these online stores using our mobile or computer and select the product what we want to purchase and place an order. A deliver person will deliver our products as soon as possible. This method of shopping is know by various names such as online shopping, digital shopping, e-commerce, online purchasing, internet shopping etc. 

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Advantages of online shopping

Online sopping has many advantages including time saving and best product in lowest price. Online shopping gives access to a wide variety of products at one place. Variety of products including clothing, electronic gadgets, kitchen utensils, daily needs etc. are available at online store which we can compare with similar products and choose which is best for us. Choosing products at online store is easy in comparison to offline store as we can scroll down various similar products in just a second. Online shopping also saves time which we can devote towards more productive causes. Download PDF of this Essay: Click Here.

Online shopping also reduce traffic on road, saves fuel and thus helpful in reducing environmental pollution. One other benefit of online shopping is that it is available 24 hours and 7 days and we need not to wait for weekly off to visit physical store. Online shopping also provides facility to return or replace the products if it is not fits to you. Also products at online shopping is cheaper in comparison to traditional shopping. On various occasion online shopping provides best deal, cash backs, lucky draws, festive sales, where we get best product at cheapest price. 

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Online shopping has many advantages but as every coin has two sides, online shopping is no exception and it has some disadvantages also which are given below.

Disadvantages of online shopping

As online shopping is easy, comfortable and available 24 hours, it also has some disadvantages such as delivery of damaged or changed products, high delivery charges etc. In online shopping sometime we get different product than what we ordered, sometimes damaged products are also delivered. However, we can return it but it makes us disgusting and consumes a lot of time in the process of returning and receiving new products. Sometime due to high demand, delivery charges are very high. In online shopping there is risk of fraudulent payments and hacking of personal information, so always be vigilant if you are shopping online. Always use trusted websites and read reviews and comments before sopping online. In online shopping these is no sales person who can assist you and you have to choose your products by yourself. Another disadvantage of online shopping is that it promotes only big business houses and small and local shopkeepers left behind.

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Online shopping is better than traditional shopping ?

From the above points on advantages and disadvantages of online shopping it is clear that online shopping has many advantages but some disadvantages also. Where in online shopping, we can purchase products 24 hours but we can choose the products only virtually but in traditional shopping we can check the authenticity of product by observing it physically. Both has its own advantages and disadvantages and a mix of it as per our requirement and convenience can be good combination.

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