Essay on Fake News | Menace of Fake News

Essay on Fake News | Menace of fake news

Menace of fake news is increasing day by day due to increasing uses of social media. And so essay on fake news has become very important essay topic for all competitive exams as well as academic exams. Here we have written an essay on fake news which is very important for students who is preparing for competitive exams descriptive paper.

Essay on Fake News | Menace of Fake News, fake news essay, menace of fake news essay

Essay on Fake News

With the advent of new age digital and social media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram etc. fake news has literally pervaded all spheres of life. Increasing uses of social media made it possible that the information reaches to masses in very short time. But many times this become the causes of various fake news circulation which leads to the possibility of potential violence, hatred and impacts the social fabric in many ways. Now it is time that appeals for some uniform guidelines and policy to tackle the menace of fake news.

Concern about fake news

As a larger group of people in India using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram etc. actively. Through these social media platforms, fabricated and manipulated content are increasingly gaining ground in India. Circulation of these fabricated and manipulated content certainly leading to the possibility of potential violence, hatred and also impacting the social fabric in many ways. The menace of fake news is not new, it is prevailed since the emergence of print media. However, its potential of reach has magnified with new online social media platforms and applications. The increasing use of digital and social media is amplifying the effect of the menace of fake news.

In recent days, many cases of fake news has been registered for sharing false content through social media messaging and many people were arrested for sharing rumor-mongering content. Far-seeing the impact of fake news, on some occasions, Government has shut down Internet on the pretext of inciting violence and to stop the spread of misinformation.

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What drives fake news trend?

The main reason behind circulation of fake news through social media is lack of proper regulation and its implementation. The online platforms do not fall under comprehensive regulation like the mainstream media. A large number of online news portals are being set up due to the lack of proper entry barriers. The lack of adequate binding rules offers a larger scope for wrongdoing in case of online platforms.

Despite some researches and investigations on fake news, credible information on the creators and the intention behind it is still untraced. However, the intension behind sharing misinformation/ fake news may be communal polarisation, political and economical gains.

The growing communal polarisation of society on ideological lines has made the job of spreading fake news through social media easier. In the contrary the spread of hatred content among leaders or groups of the opposing ideologies further deepens and accelerate the prevailing communal hatred through social media.

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Presently online and mobile platforms serve like nodal agencies distributing unverified information to a larger scale of people in very short time. Spreading false news has also become a way to make money online through click baits as fake news attracts everyone. In India, numerous sites are being set up to commercialize fake news with click bait headlines and they make the readers engaged with multiple link pages to click and continue reading making the content go viral.

How to tackle the menace of fake news?

To tackle the menace of fake news, there is a need of proper regulation and its implementation. However, there is regulation but without proper implementation of regulation the problem can't be solved. Users creating and sharing hate content should be booked under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and social media regulation. 

In addition to this online platforms for content distribution should create automated systems to filter fake news. There should be limit for sharing a content to maximum number of people as WhatsApp already started limit in sharing already shared content.

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There is also need a fact checking websites which authenticate the viral content and people shout be informed about it so that they can verify the viral content whether it is real news or fake news. However, PIB Fact Check already provide clarification on fake news or most viral news, it should cover more viral news.

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