Essay on Role of students in eradication of drugs

Role of students in eradication of drugs essay: Essay on role of students in eradication of drugs is very important essay topics for every exam as drug addiction has become pervasive among students. In this essay on role of students in eradication of drugs we have highlighted the steps that students can take to eradicate the use of drugs and can escape from drug addiction which are spoiling the life of innocent school students.

Essay on Role of students in eradication of drugs

Addiction of drug has become rampant among school students especially in teenagers and so, eradication of drugs has become the need of hour. The crisis has reached unprecedented level because drug dealers are targeting innocent school students as their potential customer and spoiling their life. 

Lack of self-confidence, excessive stress, peer pressure, etc. are major reasons for drug addiction in youths. Many parents have abdicated their roles as protectors and guardians and so students are free to do what they want. These parents expect that teachers will pick up the gauntlet in their stead and students are becoming regular users of drugs due to parental laxity in enforcing discipline.

Drug dealers have become more ingenious and cunning and spoiling the life of school students. They are luring school students into their web of drug addiction. They package the drugs disguised as sweets and other confectionery and sell to the students. This has made it extremely easy for the peddlers to sell these drug adulterated products to unsuspecting students. Once they become addicted of drugs, students are mentally forced to use it.

Role of students in eradication of drugs essay

Students can play an important role in the eradication of drugs at school. They need to first learn the dangerous effects of using drugs. When they will become aware of the dangerous effect of drugs which are very harmful for their mental as well as physical health, they will pay special attention on eradication of drugs so that they could be safe from its dangerous effect. Students should also be taught how to identify the various kinds of drugs and the symptoms of drug addiction.

Students should ensure that they never experiment with any sort of drugs because drug addiction in youths initially starts with the experiment of drugs and subsequently turns into addition. Although all drugs are addictive but in comparison to others, hard drugs like heroin and cocaine have been proven to be extremely addictive.

Students should immediately report the school administration about any suspected drug use or selling of drugs in any form by any person to the students. By the help of students school administration can detect drug use early and this can be helpful in dealing decisively and effectively with a drug problem before it escalates.

Students should also pay attention while buying snacks or anything to eat. They should always purchase their snacks from the school cafeteria or from reputable shops. They should strive to ensure that they never buy snacks at the road side or on the streets. This will ensure that drug dealers do not get the chance to sell the drugs to the students.

The growing cases of drug addiction among youths and school students have become a serious cause of concern. The role of students in eradication of drugs is very important and effective. For the bright future and life and good health, students should focus on eradication of drugs and they should never be involved in any types of drug uses.

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