Social Media Addiction Essay, Essay on Social Media Addition

Social Media Addiction Essay, Essay on Social Media Addiction

Social Media Addition Essay: The use of social media is increasing day by day since last few years. Most of the people in the world are using social media and some of them become additive of social media. Thus, Essay on Social Media Addiction has become very important essay topic for the students. This social media addiction essay is very important for all competitive as well as academic exams. Let's write an essay on Social Media Addition. 

Social Media Addiction Essay

The advancement of technology has made the world very small. People from different corner of the world can talk virtually like they are sitting in front of each other. They can share their videos, photos, messages from anywhere in the world and can engage with millions of people simultaneously through social media. But some people engage in using social media excessively without caring for their important work. Whole day they are checking and scrolling down social media. Out of these some people are becoming addictive of it.

What is social media addiction ?

Social media addiction is a behavioral addiction that is characterized as being overly concerned about social media. This causes an uncontrollable urge to log on and stay engaged in social media. Social media addiction creates a strong urge to devote to much time and effort to social media and impairs other important life areas.

Recognizing social media addiction

Although most of the people habitually use social media, some of them become addictive of social media. If someone is addicted to social media, they will spend a lot of time thinking about social media and feel strong urges to use social media more and more. They use social media to forget about personal problems and if they are unable to use social media they become restless. They use social media too much without caring for their jobs and study even if they know that it has very negative impact on them.

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Why people become addicted to social media

While using social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, users see curated content, posts, reels, videos that are specifically designed to appeal users and stay engaged with it as these contents are based on their interests. They also see other's posts about their great jobs, lovely partners, beautiful homes and feel happy as a result. These contents are so curated and attractive that users can't escape without going through it. They get series of these types of contents and continuously stay engaged without caring for other important works of life. These leads towards addiction of social media and as a result few people become addictive of social media.

Way forward Social Media Addiction

In this fast growing age with technological advancement, use of social media is inevitable but keep it mind that if we use social media in limit, it is good for us but if we use it excessively then it will ruin us. So don't use social media too much that you become addictive of it. Use it smartly for your work and not to be used by social media.

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