Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Classes

Now days online learning is one of the imminent trends in the education sector across the world. There are numerous advantages of online classes but it has some disadvantages also. The pandemic has also increased the demand online classes. Essay on advantages and disadvantages of online classes has become popular topic for essay writing now days. Here we are writing an essay on advantage and disadvantages of online classes for all of you. This will be helpful in your essay writing skill as well as it strengthen the knowledge about advantages and disadvantages of online classes

Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Classes

In this era of technology online classes system of learning turns out to be more and more popular world wide. Many traditional schools and universities started to share their courses through online classes. They started classes online and students are attending the online classes from ease of their home. Online classes or online method of learning presents an easy and comfortable method to achieve knowledge. Online classes have now become great alternative to traditional classes. It has numerous advantages but at the same time online classes has some disadvantage also. Below are some important advantages and disadvantages of online classes.

Advantages of Online Classes

Although many people still consider traditional classes as the best way for learning but in this technological age online classes system of learning proves to be a great alternative of traditional classes. In online class system students have the chance to study from the easy of their home. Students can take classes at the time when they preferred as most of the classes are recorded. Online classes system of learning helps participants to learn whenever they want to learn, leaving them the freedom to choose the time for study. Many schools, institutions and universities are providing online classes free of costs. Thus online classes are helpful for those students who earlier could not pay fees. Now they are accessing these online classes online for free. Among the advantages of online classes system of learning there are the responsibility and self-discipline of students in online class system. Download PDF of this Essay: Click Here.

Disadvantages of Online Classes

At school or in traditional class system students learn how to make friends, how to behave with teacher and friends, how to get rid of disappointment etc. The main work of personality development of students can be done through traditional classes. In online classes these all are missing. Online learning cannot offer face to face human interaction which are very important for personality development.

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Online classes system can be difficult for some persons who don't know the proper use of technological instruments. For small children online classes requires great disciplines and practice. It also requires more interventions of parents in case of small children. In online classes student use electronic devices like mobile, tablet, laptops or computer. Use of these devices for longer time will badly affect the health of students.

In conclusion, it is to say that this is the time of technology thus online classes are good for many of the reasons but traditional classes system have many advantages that should not be ignored fully. Now we should take advantage of both online as well as offline classes.

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In addition to this essay on advantages and disadvantages of online classes we have written 10 points on online classes vs tradition classes. This is also very helpful for your essay writing preparation.

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