Essay on Free and Fair Elections

Essay on Free and Fairs Elections: Free and fair election is most important for any democratic country. In most of the countries elections are conducted after a prescribed time. Essay on Free and Fair Election is very important essay topic for all competitive as well as academic exam. Let's see essay on free and fair election.

Essay on Free and Fair Elections

Free and Fair elections are pivotal to the quality of a country’s governance, development and life of the people. It is foundation of democracy and allow for the free and just societies where we live in. We all should have a voice in determining the future of our country and all the people of the country. We all want our voice to count exactly the same as everyone else’s. It is possible only through free and fair election.

What are free and fair elections?

The most fundamental principle for the free and fair election is that they must reflect the free expression of the will of the people. To realize this, elections should be transparent, inclusive, and accountable. There must be equitable opportunities to vote and compete in the elections.  A free and fair election involves political freedoms and fair processes for voting, a fair count of all eligible voters who cast a ballot and acceptance of election results by all parties. Download PDF of this Essay: Click Here

Features of Free and Fair Election

For an election to be free and fair, all citizens who meet the eligibility requirements need to be able to register to vote and they should also be eligible to run for office if they meet the eligibility requirement. No one should be deprived from it. Government could not prevent people who want to run for office if they meet the same eligibility criteria as other politicians and candidates who are running for office.

Government should also make such arrangements that all the voter can actually cast their votes. For this purpose reach of polling places and reasonable accommodation should be made to ensure that all the voters including who are with a disability or other health condition, or lack of transportation, are still able to cast their vote.

For a free and fair election all the voters should also be informed about the candidates and the political parties so that they can decide and choose the best candidate for them. In this regard, fair media can play an important role for informing and educating the people about candidates whether they are in power or are in opposition.

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For free and fair election, no voter should be intimidated at any point during and before the election including outside and inside the polling station. The threat or intimidation can make people afraid to vote their preference. It should be ensured that no one, except the voter, can watch the ballot while voting to maintain the secrecy of voting. This also ensures that voters feel safe and secure while voting and they are voting to the candidate as per their choice. Every eligible voter should be able to cast only one ballot, no one illegally cast more than one ballot. If illegal ballots are counted the the result will not reflect the will of voters. 

Counting all ballots and giving accurate reporting for declaring the result are essential parts of a free and fair election. Each and every casted ballots must be counted for fair reporting and fair result. They should not be altered or thrown out and after a fair count the result should be declared and every one should respect the result.

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Body for free and fair election

Most of the true democracies have election commissions or other bodies to ensure that these standard for a free and fair election are followed properly. In India, Election Commission of India is an autonomous constitutional authority for administering Union and State election processes in India for free and fair election.

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Hope you liked this essay on Free and Fair Election. This is very important essay topics for students for academic as well as completive exams.

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