Essay on Environmental Pollution: Meaning, Causes and Solution of Environmental Pollution

Essay on Environmental Pollution: All types of pollution are growing day by day and so environmental pollution also. An essay on environmental pollution is one of the most important essays for all students. Here, we have written an essay on environmental pollution for all the students. This essay on environmental pollution is about 500 to 1000 words.

Essay on Environmental Pollution

The surroundings where all living and non-living components are residing is called environment. The growing demand for urbanization, industrialization, mining, exploration, etc. has disrupted the harmonious balance of the natural environment. Many unwanted man-made components are polluting the environment and so environmental pollution has now become a serious cause of concern.

Environmental Pollution Meaning

Naturally, for a healthy environment, everything in the environment should be in proper ratio as per the natural occurrence. When something is pairs or impairs in the environment this changes the natural ratio of components in the environment and thus environment becomes contaminated. This contamination in the natural environment is called environmental pollution.

Causes of environmental pollution

The main cause of environmental pollution is contamination in the natural environment which is mostly caused by human activities without caring for the environment. The situation has now reached at such a dangerous level that air and water without which we can't live, has been become polluted in a great extent. The most prevalent causes of environmental pollution are as under:

  • Industries
  • Transportation
  • Urbanization
  • Agricultural Activities
  • Growing population
  • Natural Causes

Industries and environmental pollution

Industries have been polluting our environment since the beginning of the industrial revolution. The increasing use of fossil fuels in industries is one of the major causes of environmental pollution. Industries mainly cause air pollution, however, soil and water contamination also occur which results in soil and water pollution. Smoke from industries pollutes the environment and affects air quality badly. Waste material and garbage from industries and leakage of oils during transportation are major causes of water pollution.

Transportation and environmental pollution

With the advancement of technology, human abandoned animal power to travel. Pollution of the environment is growing day by day due to the prevalent transport system which is basically based on fossil fuels. As a medium of transport, we are using, scooters, cars, buses, trains, airplanes. These all modes of transport use fossil fuels as fuel and the smoke that comes from these modes of transports pollutes the environment.

Urbanization and environmental pollution

Urbanization is a process of development of a place in such a way that converts a place into a city. In urban areas more and more people come for employment and residence. During the process of urbanization to convert a place into a city many industries are established that emits pollutants. Due to high population in the urban areas garbage has also become one of the major causes of pollution. Proper garbage and waste management system can be helpful in preventing environmental pollution in large extent.

Agricultural and environmental pollution

Agricultural activities are mainly responsible for the contamination of water and soil. This is caused by the increased use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers for intensive production of crops. Initially, the chemicals used in pesticides and fertilizers go into the soil and make it polluted. During the irrigation, these chemicals are mixed up with water and make it contaminated. 

To feed the growing population agricultural activities are extending day by day. More environments and ecosystems are destroyed to make space for the production of the crops to feed the entire world. Thus, water and soil which are components of environment become polluted by agricultural activities.

Essay on Environmental Pollution | Environmental Pollution Essay in English

Need of the Hour: Environmental Pollution

The growing level of environmental pollution is devastative for all human beings as well as all living creatures on the earth. It is time to understand the importance of healthy environment for living a happy and healthy life. We all should unitedly work together to protect our environment and stop environmental pollution.

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