Day #3 | Computer Awareness Daily Dose 20 Questions | Most Important Computer Awarensess Questions for SSC CGL, SBI PO, IBPS PO, RRB PO, Banking Exams and All other Competitive Exams

Computer Awareness for Competitive Exams

Computer awareness is an important part of almost every exams. Various questions from Computer awareness are asked in exams like SSC CGL, CHSL, MTS, Steno, SI, GD, SBI PO/ Clerk, IBPS PO/ Clerk, RRB PO, Banking Exams etc. Here is a list of top 100 Computer Awareness Questions which are very important all competitive exams. 

Computer Awareness Daily Dose 20 Questions | Most Important Computer Awarensess Questions for SSC CGL, SBI PO, IBPS PO, RRB PO, Banking Exams and All other Competitive Exams

Day #3 | Computer Awareness Daily Dose 20 Questions

20 Computer questions and answers for competitive exams

1. Hard Disk of Computer is a ______.

a)    Software

b)    Hardware

c)    Computer Language

d)    None of the above

Ans: b) Hardware

2. Which part of computer can be feel and touched ?

a)    Hardware

b)    Software

c)    Window Progamme

d)    None of the above

Ans: a) Hardware

3. Priner and Monitor are examples of _______.

a)    Application Software

b)    Sofware

c)    Hardware

d)    Storage Device

Ans: d) Hardware

4. Which of the following work computer can not perform?

a)    Inputing/Outputing

b)    Controling

c)    Processing

d)    Under Standing

Ans: d) Under Standing

5. Which of the following is properties of computer?

a)    Very fast

b)    Error free work

c)    Privacy

d)    All of the above

Ans: d) All of the above

6. Alphanumeric Data uses which of the following?

a)    Numbers

b)    Alphabet Letters

c)    Symbols

d)    All of the above

Ans: d) All of the above

7. Which country in the world have highest number of computer?

a)    China

b)    India 

c)    U.S.A

d)    Japan

Ans: c) U.S.A

8. In Bakking system, ECS stands for ?

a)    Extra Cash Status

b)    Exchange Cash Status

c)    Electronic Clearing Services

d)    Access Credit Supervisor

Ans: c) Electronic Clearing Services

9. After processing _______ computer gives us information?

a)    Data

b)    Number

c)    Processor

d)    All of the above

Ans: a) Data

10. CAD stands for ?

a)    Common Aided Design

b)    Computer Aided Design

c)    Communication Aided Design

d)    Complex Aided Design

Ans: b) Computer Aided Design

11. Who invented World Wide Web (www)?

a)    Tim Berners-Lee

b)    Charles Babbage

c)    Martin Kapoor

d)    Maxwell

Ans: a) Tim Berners- Lee

12. World computer literacy day is observed on?

a)    1 December

b)    2 December

c)    8 December

d)    10 December

Ans: b) 2 December

13. What is meant by computer literacy ?

a)    Writing Computer Programmes

b)    Fixing bug in computer

c)    Knowledge and ability to use computers

d)    Watching Videos on Computer

Ans: c) Knowledge and ability to use computers

14. DDL stands for?

a)    Data Definition Language

b)    Data Definition Line

c)    Data Driving Line

d)    Data Driving Language

Ans: a) Data Definition Language

15. Which one of the following is biggest and fastest computer?

a)    Personal Computer

b)    Super Computer

c)    Laptop

d)    Notebook

Ans: b) Super Computer

16.    Central Processing Unit (CPU) comprises of control, memory and _____ units.

a)    Microprocessor

b)    Arithmetic/Logic

c)    Input

d)    ROM

Ans: b) Arithmetic/ Logic

17.    What is the responsibility of the logical unit in the CPU of a computer?

a)    To produce result

b)    To compare numbers

c)    To control flow of information

d)    To do maths work

Ans: b) To compare numbers

18.    What does ALU in computing denotes?

a)    Algorithm Logic Unit

b)    Arithmetic Logic Unit

c)    Application Logic Unit

d)    Arithmetic Legal Unit

Ans: b) Arithmetic Logic Unit

19.    Which one is the most essential software for a personal computer? 

a)    Anti-virus

b)    Word Processer

c)    Operating System

d)    Disk Defragmenter 

Ans: c) Operating System

20.    The ______ is a buzzword that relates to buying or selling via the Internet. 

a)    E-Bay

b)    E-Banking

c)    E-Commerce

d)    E-Selling

Ans: c) E-Commerce

Day #2 | Computer Awareness Daily Dose 20 Questions

20 Computer questions and answers

1. Which one is not a Search Engine for the internet?

a)    Bing

b)    Google

c)    AltaVista

d)    Internet Explorer

Ans: d) Internet Explorer

2. The Chrome is a ___________.

a) Browser

b) Operating System

c) Antivirus

d) Search Engine

Ans: a) Browser

3. The ____________ means that you backup all the data on your computer.

a) On-site backup

b) Off-site backup

c) Incremental backup

d) Complete backup

Ans: a) On-site backup

4. The computer viruses are ___________ by nature.

a) Constructive

b) Destructive

c) Small

d) Big

Ans: b) Destructive

5. Which of the following application can remove viruses from your computers?

a) Virus

b) Antivirus

c) Operation System

d) Gmail

Ans: b) Antivirus

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6. Fetching out some data like Images, Audios, and Videos etc. from the internet is known ?

a) Uploading

b) Downloading

c) Chatting

d) None of above

Ans: b) Downloading

7. Which of the following is both input and output device ?

a) Scanner

b) Mouse

c) Touch Screen

d) VDU

Ans: c) Touch Screen

8. The first Personal Computer was developed by which IT company.

a) Microsoft

b) Sun Microsystems

c) IBM

d) Infosys

Ans: c) IBM

9. Which one is the faster way to get connected to the Internet?

a) Broadband

b) Dial-up

c) Both of above

d) None of above

Ans: a) Broadband

10. Copying something on the Internet is usually known as ___________.

a) Downloading

b) Buffering

c) Uploading

d) None of above

Ans: c) Uploading

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11. Which kind of software you can use for a free trial period?

a) Shareware

b) Firmware

c) Freeware

d) All of above

Ans: a) Shareware

12. ________ can gather and send your browsing habits without your knowledge to the marketing companies.

a) Spyware

b) Worm

c) Virus

d) Antivirus

Ans: a) Spyware

13. What is the full name of OCR?

a) Optical Character Recognition

b) Optical Copy Recognition

c) Optical Character Remover

d) Optical Character Reset

Ans: a) Optical Character Recognition

14. When we connect two or more computers in a small area through which of the following network?

a) LAN

b) WAN

c) MAN

d) CAN

Ans: a) LAN

15. Which part of CPU is responsible for mathematical calculations?

a) Storage

b) GPU

c) CPU

d) ALU

Ans: d) ALU

16. Full name of FTP is?

a) File Transfer Professional

b) File Transfer Program

c) File Transfer Protocol

d) File Transfer Parameter

Ans: c) File Transfer Protocol

17. The ISP stands for ?

a) Internet Security Professional

b) Internet Service Professional

c) Internet Service Provider

d) Internet System Provider

Ans: c) Internet Service Provider

18. Which of the is not a language of computer programming?

a)    C++

b)    COBOL

c)    FORTAN

d)    Windows

Ans: d) Windows

19. Firewalls are used to protect against?

a)    Unathorised attacks

b)    Virus attacks

c)    Data driven attacks

d)    Fire attacks

Ans: a) Unathorised attacks

20. Which of the following is not a storage device?

a)    Hard Disk

b)    Disk Driver

c)    CD

d)    DVD

Ans: b) Disk Driver

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