Essay on Pollution in English: Meaning, Causes, Types and How to stop pollution

Essay on Pollution | Essay on Pollution in English | Pollution Essay

Essay on Pollution: Level of Pollution has increased so high nowadays that essay on pollution or Pollution essay has become very important essay topic for all competitive exams as well as academic exams. So, here I have written an essay on pollution in English for competitive exams and also for academic exams. This pollution essay in English contains detailed information about meaning of pollution, causes of pollution, types of pollution etc. Hope you will find this essay on pollution helpful for your exams.

Let's write a meaningful Essay on Pollution or Pollution Essay.

Essay on Pollution

Contamination in the natural environment has been continue since beginning by human being to fulfill the need of human. Pollution causes many types of life threatening diseases such as heart attack, lung cancer, respiratory diseases, etc. It is very harmful for human being, animal as well as  environment. It starts from contamination of unwanted particles in natural things and produces devastating results such as life threatening disease, greenhouse effect, global warming etc.

Meaning of Pollution

Pollution means any unsolicited, harmful, unclean, dirty, foreign substance added to our ecology. These unwanted and unsolicited substance are called 'Pollutant'. The term pollution has become so common nowadays that everyone, even a small child is also aware of this word. For healthy ecology and environment, everything should be in a proper ratio. But when unwanted substances which are basically driven by human being added to it, makes the environment, as well as ecology, contaminated and polluted.

Pollution is very dangerous for human beings as well as for all living creatures. This causes many types of life threatening diseases like cancer, asthma etc.  Pollution is mainly caused by human activities which harm our ecology and environment. Therefore, an urgent need has arisen to cut down pollution by stopping the practice of polluting the environment and ecology.

Types of Pollution

There are many types of pollution and these are basically caused by human activities that have been done without caring for our environment and ecology. Based on its components, pollution can be classified into following types:

Air Pollution

Air Pollution: Air pollution causes many types of diseases like asthma and cancer due to bad air quality. The main reason for air pollution is contamination in gases present in our environment caused due to smoke that comes from industries, motor vehicles, fireworks, and the burning of agricultural wastes. This smoke contains carbon dioxide and carbon-mono-oxide, and CFC that is very dangerous to humans as well as all living creatures. ( Pollution Essay )

Essay on Pollution | 500+ Words Essay on Pollution in English | Pollution Essay
Essay on Pollution

Water pollution

Water Pollution: Water Pollution is the second major pollution that caused many deaths every year due to serious diseases like diarrhea, jaundice, typhoid etc. The main cause of water pollution is industrial waste, garbage which included many poisonous chemicals going into the river and other types of urban wastes including single use plastic thrown in the river. Read more about Water Pollution Click Here.

Soil Pollution or Land Pollution

Presence of toxic chemicals in high concentration in soil is called soil pollution. Various compounds such as phosphates, carbonates, sulfates, nitrates and many organic compounds are found in soil naturally.  When the amounts natural compounds are disturbed due to contamination of toxic chemicals by natural or human activities the soil become polluted. Soil pollution is primarily caused by industrial activity, agricultural chemicals or improper disposal of waste. Phydrocarbons, polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons, solvents, pesticides, lead etc. are main pollutant of soil pollution. (Essay on Pollution)

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Polluted soil directly affects human health through direct contact with soil and many times via inhalation of vaporised soil contaminants. Greater threats are posed by the infiltration of soil contamination into groundwater aquifers which is used for human consumption.

Noise Pollution

When the level of noise increases more than the normal level it is called noise pollution. Noise pollution cause several disturbances and create an imbalance in the environment and thus very dangerous for all living beings. Industries, automobiles and other transport vehicles like airplanes, buses, bikes, trucks, sounds at social gatherings all are responsible for noise pollution. Noise pollution causes a number of diseases and hearing problems is most common in all of them. It affects psychological health of human. Read about Noise Pollution Click Here. (Pollution Essay in English)

Environmental Pollution

The surrouding where all living and non-living component are residing, is called environment. Naturally these living and non-living component are found in a proper ratio which make a balance environment. But when something pairs or impairs in these components, the natural ratio changes and environment become contaminated. These contamination in the environment is called environment pollution. Emmission from industries, transportation, urbanization, agricultural activities etc. are major caused of environmental pollutionRead more about Environmental Pollution Click Here.

There are many other types of pollution like soil pollution, thermal pollution etc. Most of these are caused by human driven activities done without caring for environment.

How to stop pollution

It is time to think and take necessary action to control pollution which is increasing day by day. If necessary steps are not taken immediately then the future of humans, as well as all living creatures, are in danger. Government in many counties and United Nations has already started some campaigns to aware the general masses to protect our environment and ecology. Observation of World Environment Day is also one of such initiatives taken by the UN which helps in controlling pollution. It is time to understand the importance of trees which are very helpful in controlling pollution and strengthen our environment. (Essay on Pollution)

Small efforts by all of us towards stopping pollution can prevent growing pollution significantly. We should use environment friendly products and should avoid single use plastics items to stop pollution. Government should make strict rules to stop the draining of chemical waste directly into water bodies. We should plant more trees and stop cutting trees to protect our environment and stop pollution.

Hope you liked this essay on pollution or pollution essay in English and it helped you in your essay writing .

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Essay on Pollution in English

Below is mind map for writing essay on pollution in english. Student can take help from this mind map while writing essay on pollution in english.

  • What is pollution or meaning of pollution
  • Types of pollution viz; air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, soil pollution etc.
  • Causes of pollution
  • How to stop pollution
  • Other initiative to prevent pollution

If you included all the above point in your essay, then it is best essay on pollution. 

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