How to earn money online without investment Top 5 ways

Earn money online by working from home is one of the best choice of many people across the world. Many of us are doing so and earning a lot of money to live lavishly. There are many ways from where you can earn money online. Some people are targeting to earn online because they want to earn money from their comfort. Some want to earn money online so that they can use their spare time in productive work. Some people work online to reach their followers so that they can express their ideas and can make some extra money online. Here we are going to share top 5 ways to earn money online without investment.

1. Earn Money from Blogging.

If you have writing skill and want to share your views with the people then you can earn money through blogging. Now days blogging has become as simple as using any social media sites like facebook, twitter. There are many free platforms like where you can start blogging easily.

2. Earn Money from YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of the best platform to earn money online from home without any investment. You can share your hobbies like cooking, singing, playing musical instruments etc. or any expertise like teaching, trading, comedy etc here and earn money in a good amount. The more the subscribers and views you get the the more money comes in your account.

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3. Earn Money from Affiliate Marketing

Online product selling sites like Amazon, Flipkart etc. are source of affiliate marketing from where you can earn money online. First you have to sign up for an affiliate account. After creating your affiliate account you can generate product link that you can share on social media or on website. When people come from this link and buy the product you will a get a predefined percentage of selling amount.

4. Earn Money from Online Teaching

There are many websites that hire teachers online and teachers have to take classes online from there place. This job can be joined for full time or for part time. Now days many youtube channel like unacademy are also hiring teachers for their youtube channel. This  may also be a good opportunity to earn money online.

5. Designing and Selling Website Online

If you have a little technical knowledge and interest in web designing field then you can earn a lot of money by designing and selling websites. You may use free platforms like blogger and word press for creating website. Some websites also provide free hosting where you can design website using word press themes.

In addition to these there are many other work where you can earn online without any investment. Like 

Earn Money from PTC clicks site

On this website you have to sign up and do every day special click and you will get paid for every click. The payment will be made after reaching payment threshold. 

Earn Money from Online surveys: 

There are many sites where you can take online surveys and you will get paid for each and every survey which you have completed. 

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