Essay on Natural Disaster | Natural Disaster Essay for Students and Competitive Exams

Everything in this universe is changing very fast and occurrence of natural disaster is increasing significantly. Occurrence of natural disaster like Earthquake, Tsunami, floods, landslides are heard everyday. Therefore, essay on natural disaster has become very important essay topic for the students for competitive as well as academic exam.

Essay on Natural Disaster

Natural Disaster is an unwanted occurrence of an event resulting from forces that are largely outside control of human. It strikes quickly with little or no warning. This causes or threatens serious disruption of life and property including death and injury to large number of people. Earthquake, Tsunami, landslides, volcanic eruption, avalanches are some most destructive examples of natural disaster.

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Types of Natural Disasters

Natural Disaster can be classified in four major categories. These are as under:

  1. Terrestrial Natural Disasters
  2. Atmospheric Natural Disasters
  3. Aquatic Natural Disasters
  4. Biological Natural Disasters

Terrestrial Natural Disaster

Terrestrial natural disasters occurs on the surface of the earth and causes massive devastation. Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions, Landslides, Avalanches, Subsidence, Soil Erosion etc are types of terrestrial natural disaster.

Atmospheric Natural Disaster

Atmospheric Natural Disasters are a result of process in the atmosphere. Blizzards, Thunderstorms, Lightening, Tornadoes, Tropical Cyclone, Drought, Hailstorm, Frost, Heat Wave or Loo, Cold Waves etc are examples of Atmospheric Natural Disaster.

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Aquatic Natural Disaster

Aquatic Natural Disaster are hazards involving water processes. Tsunami, Floods, Tidal Waves, Ocean Currents, Storm Surge etc. are types of aquatic natural disaster.

Biological Natural Disaster

Biological Natural Disaster occur due to biological processes of the earth and primarily involve the spread of diseases. Plants and Animals as colonisers (Locusts, etc.), Insects infestation-fungal, bacterial and viral diseases such as bird flu, dengue etc. are types of Natural Disaster.

Highly Destructive Natural Disaster

Earthquake, Tsunami, Avalanches, Floods etc are most unpredictable and highly destructive natural disasters. We can not stop these disaster bur disaster preparedness can be very helpful in mitigating the effect of these destructive natural disasters.

Earthquakes: Natural Disaster

An earthquake is the shaking or vibrating of earth due to different reason. This is the most unpredictable and highly destructive natural disasters. High magnitudes earthquakes are so strong that they can even destroy the whole city. Tectonic origin earthquakes have been proved to be the most devastating. These earthquakes occurs due to earth movements brought about by a sudden releases of energy during the tectonic activities in earth's crust. It is not possible to prevent the occurrence of an earthquake hence next best option is the emphasis on disaster preparedness and mitigation.

Tsunami: Natural Disaster

Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions causes the sea-floor to move abruptly. This results in sudden displacement of ocean water in the form of high vertical waves. These high vertical waves are called tsunami (harbour waves) or seismic sea waves. The speed and height of tsunami waves are very high that causes widespread destruction along the shore area. Sometime, the height of the tsunami wave can be up to 15m or more which causes large scale devastation along the shores.

Essay on Natural Disaster | Natural Disaster Essay for Students and Competitive Exams, Earthquake, tsunami, floods

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