Online Classes vs Traditional Classes

Online Classes and Traditional Classes both have its pros and cons. While online classes give the way to the students as well as teacher to engage with one another through virtual digital mode from their place, In traditional classes students comes in school, join classes physically and enrich their knowledge. Today here we will discuss about pros and cons of 'online classes vs traditional classes'. We will discuss all the good points and bad points of online classes vs traditional classes.

Online Classes vs Traditional Classes

1. Accessibility: In online classes students can attend their class from anywhere whether he is at home or he is enjoying his vacation at outstation but in traditional classes students have to go to school to attend class.

2. Time: In traditional classes approximately 1-2 hour is daily travel time for the students to go to their school and return from there. In online class this time can be utilized in any productive work including study or any creative work.

3. Expenditure: Per child School Cab fee to attend traditional classes is approx Rs.1000/- to 2500/-. This can be saved in online class system. Thus online class system lower expenditure also.

4. Space/Building: Schools require a big space for school building including, classroom and playground in traditional class system while in online class system schools can be operated without physical classroom thus it can save space which are required for physical classroom etc.

5. Traffic on road: Online classes can reduce traffic caused due to school cab to pic and drop student to school.

6. Involvement of Parents: In online classes involvement of parents are required more than in traditional class basically for primary class students parents have to help their children in their online study.

7.  Health: In online class students use electronic devices that can be mobile, laptop, tablet, television etc. Use of these devices for longer period will badly affect students health.

8. Games and fitness: In traditional classes outdoor games and physical exercise are practiced regularly which are good for physical fitness but in online classes there is not such choice.

9. Personality Development: Traditional classes are good for personality development but in online class to no physical interaction and personality development possible.

10. In online class system expenditure for electronic device and internet uses will be additional in comparison with Traditional class system.

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Online Classes vs Traditional Classes a short view:

In online education system internet and electronic device are main equipment to attend the class. If we talk about city then it looks good as these are available to approx all the students and parents are also educated enough to help their children in their studies but if we talk about villages where till now all the people are not using smartphone and internet it seems impractical. Internet speed in village areas are very slow. Recurring cost of internet uses is burdensome on poor villagers. However these problems can be solved if government want to do so.

Midday meal, book and school uniforms all these items are provided to the students free of cost by the government in traditional education system. Now it is time of hour to promote online education system and government may provide education related electronic device, internet etc to students free of cost to promote online education system. New young generation also wants to learn with new technology. It encourage young learners to study and make a new world.

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