Essay on Farm Bill 2020 | Farmer Bill 2020 Essay and Highlights of Agriculture Bill 2020

 Indian Government has introduced new farmers bill 2020 or agriculture bill 2020 or farm bill 2020 recently. These bills are for well being of farmers and agriculture sector. Today we are going to write an essay on farmer bills 2020 or farm bill 2020 or agriculture bill 2020. In this essay on farm bill 2020, we will include pros and cons of new farmer's bill 2020 which also includes benefits of new farm bill 2020. This essay on farmer bill 2020 will be helpful for all competitive exams like ssc cgl descriptive paper tier 3 essay writing, ssc chsl descriptive paper essay writing and other competitive exams.

Essay on Farm Bill 2020

India is an agriculture dominated country. More than 70% of India's population is either directly or indirectly involved in agricultural activities. Due to the hard work of these farmers we are eating peacefully. These farmers feed entire nation but it is a saddening fact that they are entangled in the fetters of starvation and poverty. Recently Central Government has passed new bills for well being of farmers and agriculture sector. But farmers and State Governments are opposing these bills. Farmers across the country have protested against these bills in streets and on roads. Punjab and Haryana farmer's tractor protests in July and on 26th January in Delhi were opposition of these agriculture bills 2020. On 28th August 2020 Punjab Assembly has also passed a resolution rejecting the Central Government's ordinances.

What is the Farm bill 2020 ?, What benefits will get farmer from  New Agriculture Bills 2020?, How Agriculture Sector will be benefited from Farmers Bills 2020? Why Farmers are protesting against Agriculture bill 2020 ?

What is Farm Bill 2020?

Farm Bill 2020 or Agriculture Bill 2020 is a combination of three bills passed by Parliament recently. These bills are; Farmers Produce and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Bill 2020, Farmers Agreement (Empowerment and Protection) on Price Assurance and Farm Services Bill 2020 and Essential Commodities (Amendment) Bill 2020. These bills make big structural changes in agriculture sector. These bills also encourage corporate investments in agriculture ecosystem to make agriculture more profitable for farmers.

Benefits to Farmers from Farm Bill 2020

The Farm Bill 2020 envisages a path for farmers as an alternative platform to sell their produce in open market. Now farmers can sell their products openly to anyone and anywhere and they can get higher price. There will be no APMC market fee or cess on transactions in such trade areas. APMCs will also continue its functioning. Now APMCs have to compete with these alternate platforms and now farmers have a choice for selling their farm produces. These bills give powers to farmers to sell their produces directly to the corporate or exporter buying in bulk from the farm.

The Farm Bill 2020 does not annihilate current MSP based procurement of food grains. The MSP based procurement system will be continue and farmers can also sell their crop products in Mandi on existing MSP.

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Government's motive towards Farm Bill 2020

From time to time Government has launched numerous schemes for welfare of farmers and agriculture sector. Government has introduced these Farm Bills to transform agriculture sector and well being of farmers. This step has been taken by the Government to boost agriculture sector and double the farmers income by 2022. It is thought that freeing of agriculture sector will eventually help in better pricing due to competitiveness in the market. When farmers will sell their products to corporates and exporters directly, it will induce corporate sector to invest in the agri-ecosystem. This will also give farmers better access to modern technology and farmers will be benefited by it.

Why Farmers are protesting against Agriculture bill 2020 ?

Farmers are apprehensive of getting MSP for their produce as New Farm Bill 2020 opens the way for farmers to sell their produce in open market and fix price by themselves on mutual understanding of corporate and farmer. Farmers also fears that large retailers and corporates could dominate agriculture sector with money power. Farmers doubt that APMCs may become unavailable and have to shutdown in future if trade moves substantially to other alternate platforms. Farmers fear that mandies will become redundant like BSNL and MTNL in future days.

The Price Assurance Bill doesn't prescribe any mechanism for price fixation. Thus there is a apprehension in farmers that free hand given to private corporate houses could lead to farmer's exploitation. The Essential Commodities (Amendment) Ordinance removes, pulses, oil seeds, edible oils, onion and potatoes from the essential commodities list. Thus the amendment deregulates the production, movement, storage and distribution of these food commodities.

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Agriculture Bill 2020 Essay

Repeal of Farm Bill: Farm bills 2020 were passed in the year 2020 and now the same has been repealed by the Government. The Farm Laws Repeal Bill 2021 which aimed to repealing the three farm laws passed on December 1, 2021. These farm bills repealed by the Government in view of the onging farmers' protests against these laws.

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