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Now days Vocal for Local has become a point of discussion everywhere since Indian Prime Minister encouraged people to use local products and support local manufacturers. Thus essay on vocal for local or vocal for local essay is an important topic of essay for all students for their competitive exams.

Let's write and essay on Vocal for Local.

Essay on Vocal for Local 

Vocal for Local message was given by our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to encourage the local products for the speedy progress of the country and to achieve the goal of Aatmanirbhar Bharat. Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi encouraged people of the country for 'Vocal for Local' while delivering his seventh consecutive Independence Day Speech from the rampart of Red Fort on 15th August 2020. He said that the mindset of free India should be vocal for local to achieve the goal of Aatmanirbhar Bharat. We should appreciate, promote and use our local products.

Vocal for Local

The basic meaning of Vocal for Local is to make local and use local also promote local products. This initiative will provide employment to the many people of that region and the local market will develop. After some time these local markets will progress so high that they will export their famous products in many countries across the world. If we use local products this will not only strengthen local identity but also boost economy of that area and of the country.  (essay on vocal for local).

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Vocal for Local also encourage people to start producing all the necessary products locally and reduce the use of imported products. During the countrywide lock-down when all the mediums of transport were on halt, entire world realize the value of vocal for local and usefulness of local products. We should learn the lessen from this also and promote local products. 

The positive effect of Vocal for Local has been seen during the Diwali festival season. People of the country appreciated local products and purchased local made diya and many other things used in Diwali instead of Chinese products. From the support of such large number of people in Vocal for Local during this festival season it can be anticipated that this new initiative will strengthen the local market and economy of the county.

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We should learn the lesson from the pandemic when local products, local people and everything which were available locally proved helpful and worked for us. We could be self reliant for every critical condition with the Mantra of Vocal for Local.

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