Essay on Envisioning India @2047 | Vision for India 2047

Envisioning India @2047 Essay 

Envisioning India @2047 is very important essay topic for all competitive exams as well as academic exams. Government is also organizing an essay writing competition on Envisioning India @2047 in 2500 words. Here, we have written this essay on Envisioning India @2047 to help the students to prepare their Vision for India 2047 essay. Lets see my vision for India in 2047 essay.

Essay on Envisioning India @2047 | Vision for India 2047

Future vision always depends upon the current and previous work. Envisioning India @2047 is basically what we can expect from our current work and what we have done since India's independence. India is celebrating Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav to commemorate 75 years of independence and the glorious history of it's people, culture and achievements. This celebration not only marks our achievements during the last 75 years but also encourage us to envision the future prospective of India to make our country world's best nation in every span of life by the year 2047. 

Since independence on 15th August 1947, India is striving hard to make India AatmNirbhar in every field and we have also achieved it. It is time to set new goals for vision India 2047 so that when we enter in 100 years of Independence, India will be world's best nation. For this purpose we have to learn from our past works and future prospective. To make India word's best nation I am sure that we will achieve the following targets when we enter in year 2047:

Education in India @ 2047

By the year 2047, we envision that India will be best place for advanced education system. Student from not only India but also from all over the world will come to peruse here due to its best quality of education. Government of India has already launched New Education Policy to improve education system in India. Download PDF of this essay: Click Here.

Focusing on the literacy rate of India, it can be observed that we have already achieved a lot in the field of education but we have not reached yet 100% literacy rate. So continuous systematic effort will improve the reach of education to the grassroot level where people living is farfetched areas will also have access to the quality education. For this purpose affordable and quality education to everyone should be our utmost priority.

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Healthcare in India @ 2047

India is second most populous country in the world which also demand world class medical facility. It has been realized during covid-19 pandemic that there is a strong need to pay attention towards healthcare sector. Realizing the need of hour many new Government hospitals were opened and medical equipment were imported. India lso started producing many new medical equipment to make India self reliant in the field of healthcare. Government has launched schemes like Ayushman Bharat Health Card, Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Yojana, PM Ayushman Bharat Health Infrastructure Mission etc. to provide universal healthcare support to all. But the total requirement is still not covered which should be our prime target in healthcare sector by 2047. Observing the recent developments in healthcare sector in India, we envision that, by the year 2047 India will be the leader in healthcare provider.

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Self Dependent and Self Empowered India @2047

India is striving hard to make our nation self dependent in every field and not relay on imports. The same is also applicable for individual development. As government is doing a lot in infrastructural development of the country to make it AatmNirbhar, efforts are also being made to make every individual self dependent and self empowered so that real goals of AatmNirbhar Bharat can be achieved. For this purpose Government should extend its support to deprived section of society which make them educated, employed leading towards self dependent and self empowered India. We hope that by the year 2047 every individual is educated, employed, not descriminated, has access of basic needs, has self respect and contribute in the Indian economy leading to nation building.

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 Leader in International Games medal tally list India @2047

India is improving its rank in international games day by day however, a long journey is ahead to be ranked number one in international games. India is highest in youth population who can participate in every types of games. In the Olympic  Games Tokyo 2020, India scored total 7 medals and secured 48th rank, however, the performance commonwealth games 2022 was much better and India secured 4th Rank. It is time to give more focus in the field of sports. We should encourage youths to come forward to participate in sport activities and government should also provide help and support these athletes from the bottom root level so that athletes from the farfetched areas can also show their talent to the world which will be pride of nation and make India on the top in international games like Olympics and commonwealth.

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Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence in India @ 2047

This is the era of technology where every work is somehow dependent on Internet and technology. Also progress of a nation can be measured by the progress in the field of technology. India has done a lot in the field of technology and in the past seven decades, India has built satellites, sent probes to the moon and reached Mars in its first attempt. India has also established nuclear power stations, acquired nuclear weapon capability and demonstrated firepower in the form of a range of missiles, but achieving the targets and exploring the new things is sign of progress. Launch of 5G with high bandwidth internet speed is sign of progress in the field of Internet. National Strategy on Artificial Intelligence released by NITI Ayog focused on economic growth and increasing social inclusion with a goal to “make India a global leader in Artificial Intelligence by ensuring responsible and transformative AI for all.” This all shows that India has strong potential and will power to be leader in computer science and artificial intelligence by the year 2047.

Essay on Envisioning India @2047

Envisioning India @2047: Conclusion

India is a developing nation and rich in natural resources, manpower and creative minds. During the past seven decades we have already achieved a lot and incessantly working towards nation building. We hope that when we enter in the year 2047, India will be leader in the every field. All the evils such as corruption, poverty, illiteracy, hunger, discrimination etc. will no longer exist and every person will be educated, self reliant, self empowered and living a respectful life and working towards nation building and India's flag will fly across the world.

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