Impact of Poverty on Education Essay | Effect of Poverty on Education

Impact of Poverty on Education Essay

Essay on impact of poverty on education: After food, shelter and clothing, education has become basic necessity of every individual. But due to poverty, children of most of the poor families do not get education. Thus, impact of poverty on education is very important essay topic for all competitive exams as well as academic exams. Here we have written an essay on Impact of Poverty on Education for students for their competitive as well as academic exam.

Essay on Impact of Poverty on Education

Educational outcomes are one of the key areas that are significantly influenced by the income of family. Children from low-income families often start going school lately in comparison to their peers who come from more affluent families. Also the quality of education that they get is poor in comparison to rich families because they can’t afford good quality school due to its high tuition fee and other expenditure.

The society, education of parents, family income etc. all influence a child’s educational attainment. Poverty decreases a child’s readiness for school through various aspects viz;  health, home life, schooling and neighbourhoods. Children from poor families often do not receive the motivation and social skills required to prepare them to go school.

Impact of Poverty on Education Essay | Effect of Poverty on Education
Impact of poverty on education

Most of the poor families don't know the importance of education and they involve their children in his routine work. Some of them tries to send their children to school but they can’t afford good quality school. They also can’t help their children in his study because most of them are illiterate. Although, education is a right, it still remains a dream for many of poor and disadvantaged children. Many communities and groups have been historically deprived from education.

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The Government is now providing free education to all the children from 6-14 years of age and encouraging children to go to school. The enrolment is also increased by this effort but the quality of education in the government school is well known to all of us. After availing facility of these free education most of the poor family students stop their study because now they can’t afford the school fee and other expenses for study. Some drop their study after completion of 10th or 12th exam because fees in higher education is very high and so low income families can’t think of it. Due to its high fee and other expenditure, admission in IIT and MBBS is out of reach even for middle class family in India.

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Education is one of the primary needs after the food, shelter and clothing but due to low income of the family most of the students in poor family remain untouched from going to school. It is also most powerful tool for reducing poverty and unemployment. Education for poor should in major thrust areas of the Government as it acts as the catalyst and brings economic, social, cultural as well as technological advancement in the society. 

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