Importance of Education Essay or Essay on Importance of Education for Competitive Exams

Essay on importance of education is very important essay topics for all competitive exams. Education is the key for success and happy life. It is education that can shape one’s life in the right direction. Basically education is a process of acquiring knowledge and developing the powers of reasoning and judgment. Education improves not only the life of person but also his community. Thus there is immense importance of education in the life and society. Here, we have written an essay on Importance of Education. This essay on importance of education has been written focusing the need of students for essay writing preparation. Based on this essay on importance of education, students can also write paragraph on importance of education and speech on importance of education .

Importance of Education Essay

Importance of education can be seen in the every field of life. Education transforms the human life by impulsing knowledge into every field of life. It has immense importance in the human life. Education facilitates quality learning and knowledge to people throughout their life. It is education that improves the living standard by changing the way of living. It raises the social as well as economic status of individuals. Education Makes the life of people better by transforming the personality of the individual. It make them feel confident and opens the way for success.

Essay on Importance of Education: The Most Powerful Weapon

“Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world”. This is said by Nelson Mandela who said this after observing the power of education. Education is the means that brings economic growth, social prosperity and political stability in the society. Education make the people confident to put their views and showcase their immense potential. It is education that enabled citizens of a county to participate in the governance process and strengthen the democracy.

Importance of education has been appreciated and education has been promoted by the Government's of most of the countries in the world. Working in the field, most of the countries providing free education to all its citizen. In some of the countries free education is a constitutional right of every citizen and people of any age group, religion, caste, creed are entitled to receive free education.

Education for Civilized and Prosperous Society | Importance of Education Essay

An educated person always respected everywhere. People treat well with him in the society. Education is very important for a civilized as well as prosperous society. When we were kid, every one of us dreams of being a doctor, lawyer, engineer, sportsperson, etc. There is only one weapon that can make these dreams true and it is education. Thus these is immense importance of education for a civilized and prosper society.

Essay on Importance of Education: Technological Age

As we have already discussed that there is vast importance of education in human life for their development in every field. Now the importance of education has been understood by many of us and it is trying to educate people through different mediums of communication. In the early ages there were Gurukula where students used to go for education. By the time it changed into Schools, Colleges and Universities. These institutions have been taking offline classes in the institutions. But now in this age of technology, these traditional classes are changing into online classes. There are numerous advantages of online classes but it also has some disadvantages. However this is importance of education that promotes people to learn through different mediums and become successful in life.

Where the more need | Importance of Education

As you already understood that there is vital importance of education for success in every field. It is very unfortunate that still some children do not have access to education. However Government has been taking up necessary initiative so that quality education can be accessible to  the last child.

Governments initiative in the field of Education | Importance of Education Essay

Focusing on the importance of education Government of different countries are striving hard to provide free education to all children in the country. In this filed Government of India taken time to time necessary action to improve the quality and accessibility of education to the last child. Recently Government of India released New Education Policy 2020. Right to Education Act 2009 (RTE Act 2009) has already been passed by the Government on 4 August 2009 and the Act came into effect on 1 April 2010. By this act the education has become the fundamental right of every child in India. As per RTE Act 2009, Government provides free and compulsory elementary education to children of the age group of 6-14 years for upto Class 8.

In addition to this highlighting the importance of education Government of India started various schemes like Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Mid-Day Meal, Adult Education and Skill Development Scheme, National Means cum Merit Scholarship Scheme, National Program for Education of Girls at Elementary Education, Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya, Scheme for Infrastructure Development in Minority Institutions, Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao, etc. to educate the every citizens of India.

Importance of Education Essay | Conclusion

Well educated population is necessary for a country's growth. This can be done only when we understand the importance of education. By the education the population of a country will be equipped with the vibrant knowledge, progressive attitude and skills and this will be the boon for the country. The same can be achieved by spreading awareness about the importance of Education in the country basically in the rural areas. If the people are educated then they will become capable of earning a livelihood by themselves and so for the nation. They will become taxpayer and by this tax the county will prosper.

Importance of Education Essay or Essay on Importance of Education for Competitive Exams, importance of education essay on english

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