E-learning is the future of education system ?

E-learning is the future of education

Changes is the key rule of nature and we should adopt the changes from time to time to live in harmony with the nature. The technological advancement has already made the digital learning very easy and accessible and the need of hour arised due to prevailing covid-19 pandemic is also appealing and forcing us to adopt digital learning as main medium of education system. Lockdown is adopted as a main and effective measure of prevention and protection from pandemic covid 19 this also promotes online education as students can't stay at their home without education.

The arrival of 3G, 4G and 5G internet technology has made it possible to interact and share your thoughts virtually from anywhere in the world to the people. Initially the people started sharing their ideas through their website and the arrival of social media site and platform like YouTube made it more easy to share the voice and knowledge with entire world. People also started teaching online through YouTube as it provides free platform from where people can connect with entire world and they also can earn money online from it. Gradually coaching institution developed there own website and application for teaching online and providing study material to the students.

E-learning is the future of education system ?

Education through digital medium after covid-19 pandemic

From the beginning of the Year 2020 the deadly covid-19 pandemic made the entire world to remain closed for sometime and imposed many restrictions to stay alive. Due to this, schools, colleges, universities were also closed and students were forced to stay at their home without focusing on their studies. Gradually schools, colleges, institutions started providing homework and education through online classes using different applications and Google services.

Since the starting of the year 2020 many times schools were closed and opened due to comming of new phases of covid 19. In such time online education is proving the only best medium of education.

As the students are taking classes online since the beginning of 2020 they are now feeling comfortable to attend classes online. But many times they also want to go out to attend physical classes. There are many advantages and disadvantages of online classes but the need of the hour is to promote online education as the lockdown is adopted many times solution for controlling pandemic covid-19 and pollution.

Digital Learning: The way forward

Adoption of online education system fully would not be perfect but the combination of online classes and offline casses would be the best for future of education system where online classes can be more frequently used. The advancement of Technology and digital literacy is also promoting online education system. In this era of Technology, in most of the countries students are digitally literate and they would online education system as it would be very comfortable for them they can take classes from anywhere and anytime as per their comfortability.

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