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Essay on Natural Farming: Products yielded from natural farming is best for body as it contains all natural nutrients in it as is it produced without using chemical fertilizers. Government is also promoting natural farming for its health benefits as well as it's strength in creation of job opportunities. Thus essay on natural farming very important essay topic for students.

Essay on Natural Farming

Natural farming produces natural products which are chemical free and good for health. Presently, in agriculture sector, advanced technology and chemical fertilizers are used to get high productivity. These chemical fertilizers increases productivity but quality of products decreases in comparison to natural farming. Produces yielded from natural farming are very high quality and are full of all natural nutrients. Thus, it is very good for health as well as environment as it is chemical free or organic.

What is Natural Farming

Natural Farming is a method of farming without using chemical fertilizers. This is also known as traditional farming or organic farming method. It is a diversified farming system based on agro-ecology that integrates crops, trees and livestock with functional biodiversity. Natural Farming is largely based on on-farm biomass recycling. This focuses on biomass mulching, use of on-farm cow dung-urine formulations and periodic soil aeration.

Benefits of Natural Farming

Natural Farming is considered as cost-effective farming practices. This provides employment opportunities in the rural areas and helps in rural development. It is a diversified farming system based on agro-ecology that integrates crops, trees and livestock which allow the optimum use of functional biodiversity.

Natural Farming is considered a form of regenerative agriculture which is a prominent strategy to save the planet. This method of farming has many other benefits, such as restoration of soil fertility and environmental health, mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and global warming and curbing pollution. Natural Farming also has potential to manage land practices and sequester carbon from the atmosphere in soils and plants, where it is actually useful.

Obstacles in Natural Farming

Natural Farming is associated with decline in yields which hamper the farmer’s income. An often-cited barrier by farmers in transitioning to Natural Farming is the lack of readily available natural inputs and not every farmer has the time, patience, or labour to develop their own inputs for natural farming.

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Essay on Natural Farming

Measures to Scale up Natural Farming

Bhartiya Prakritik Krishi Paddhati Programme (BPKP) under Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana (PKVY) has been launched by Government of India to promote Natural Farming. The scheme aims to promote traditional indigenous practices which reduce externally purchased inputs.

Another scheme named Sub-mission on AgroForestry (SMAF) aims to encourage farmers to plant multi-purpose trees together with the agriculture crops. This scheme also aims to promote enhanced feedstock to inter alia wood-based and herbal industry which create additional source of income to the farmers. National Mission on Sustainable Agriculture (NMSA) was also launched which aims to develop, demonstrate and disseminate the techniques to make agriculture resilient to adverse impacts of climate change.

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Natural Farming: Way Forward

Method of Natural Farming is more popular and can easily be promoted in rainfed regions as these regions use less fertilizers in compared to the areas where irrigation is prevalent. To promote the Natural Farming, government’s crop insurance scheme, PM Fasal Bima Yojana (PMFBY) can be helpful as it will help in risk prevention and farmers will feel assured.

To address the challenge of unavailability of readily available inputs required for natural farming, the promotion of natural farming needs be scaled up at village-level through preparation and sales shops at village level.

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