Why population control is necessary | Why population control is important

Why population control is necessary: Growing population is a major cause of concern globally. Over growing population disturbing the balance of nature. In this article on why population control is necessary, we have described some harmful effect of overgrowing population clearing the view why population control is important.

Why population control is necessary

In simple population control is necessary for a healthy and prosperous life, for Good Health and Education and for speedy development of a country. Population control is also necessary to reduce the burden on nature and to tackle the environmental problem growing day by day.

Lets see it in detail why population control is necessary.

Why population control is necessary: Environment and ecology

The entire human population is directly or indirectly depend on nature. To fulfill the basic necessity of human being natural resources are exhausted day by day. Growing population need more natural resources and they are exhausting it without any care for environment and ecology thus disturbing the balance of nature. 

Deforestation, Mining, changing forest into agriculture land, polluted rivers and other types of pollution, global warming are some of the examples that are caused due to overgrowing population. Long term result of these are very dangerous for entire living creature including human being.

Why population control is necessary | Why population control is important

Population control is necessary for healthy and prosperous life 

For healthy and prosperous life population control is necessary. When the population of a country is very high but the income is low, people of that country are forced to live in poverty. They don't have enough money to feed themselves and their family members. Due to high population most of them stay unemployed. Managing high population and providing free food, health service, education and other necessary works also become burden on the Government. 

If the population of a country is in limit then Government of that country can support all the citizen by launching good schemes for welfare of the citizens. Government can effectively take steps to provide free food, education, medical facility to its citizens. Government can focus on other scientific programmes, infrastructure development, medical research and advancement etc in addition to welfare schemes for its citizens. There schemes will make way for the development of a county and people will live healthy and prosperous life.

Why population control is necessary: example from our locality

We can observe in our locality that small family with husband wife and maximum two children live a good life in comparison to who have big family with more than two children. In most of big families with more than two children, it is hard for parents to afford basic necessity to run a house. They are not able to provide quality education to their children because their all earnings are spent on food and cloth and other basic necessity for life. It is therefore very necessary to adopt the policy of 'Ham do- Hamare do' which will also help in controlling overgrowing population. 

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