Why is education important essay | Why Education is Important

Why is education important essay

Education on which Government, society, parents all are focusing so that students and children can get good education. Why is education important? What is the benefits of education? Why Government, society, parents are focusing for good education? all thing about why education is important are covered in this article.

Why Education is Important

Education is the key that can open all doors of success in life. It transforms human life by impulsing knowledge into every field of life. Education is a wealth that is more valuable than all wealth. If a man is educated then he can take proper and perfect decision for him, for his family and for the nation. It helps to rise the social as well economical status of the individual.

Why Education is Important | Why is education important ?

Education facilitate learning and helps in acquiring knowledge, skills, values, morals, and beliefs. Teaching, training, storytelling, reading, discussion and research are some of the educational methods. Initial process of learning and education starts from family member, parents and further in schools and higher educational institutional.

Importance of Education : Why is education important essay

If you want to bring revolution without weapons then it can be possible only through education. Education is most powerful weapon to change the world. It opens the way of success in human life. Education is very necessary for overall dynamic development of human. An educated person can do everything in planned and perfect way what they want to do. why is education important essay.

Education is also very important to fulfill materialistic desire of human. Educated people can earn more money in comparison to uneducated because have good opportunity in jobs and business due to ability. The chance of success is also very high in educated people because they have ability to find out and resolve the problems easily. 

Education is very important for a civilized society that have well developed government system, culture and way of life. It also gives understanding to treat people fairly and be treated fairly by them. Education helps in creating a fair justice system which is a part of civilized society. 

Why is education important and Governments initiative on importance of education

Every country crave to be developed and educated people help in growth and development of a country. Education is very important for development of a nation. If citizens of a nation are educated then country will progress rapidly. Therefore, Government in most of the countries has been launching various schemes to promote education.

In India, Sarva Sikha Abhiyaan, Midday Meal Scheme, Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, Kasturaba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya etc. schemes have been launched by Government to promote education and encourage young generations to go to school. Indian Government also passed Right to Education Act in 2009 and provides free and compulsory elementary education to the children from the age group 6 to 14 years upto class 8. Understanding the importance of education Government of India also released New Education Policy 2020 to make education system more heather. why is education important essay.

Most of the countries in the world are striving hard to promote education and to make every citizen educated because they know that education is the weapon that can transform life of human as well as nation. People are also known with this fact that their progress in only possible through education therefore they try to educate their children from birth. They send their children in the best possible school.

Why is education important: conclusion

Hope you liked this article on why is education important which described the importance of education and need of education. If you have any suggestion or query on the article why education is important, write us in the comment box. why is education important essay.

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