Benefits of Farm Bill 2020, Essay on farm bill benefits, Agriculture bill 2020 benefits, Farmer bill 2020 benefits

Here we are going to discuss the benefits of three farm bill 2020 passed by the Government. This include point wise benefits of recent agriculture bill 2020 or farmer bill 2020 or advantages of farm bill 2020. These article on benefits of farm bill 2020 will also be very helpful for writing essay on benefits of farm bill 2020 or advantages of farm bill 2020.

Farm Bill 2020 Benefits

In the month of September 2020, Government has passed 3 farm bills for the welfare of farmers and agriculture sector. The bills have been prepared keeping in view of the need of the hour to empower the farmers financially and technologically with a motive to double the farmers income and to promote agriculture sector. 

Before we read about benefits of farm bill 2020 or advantages of farm bill 2020 we should know why we need New Farm Bills 2020.

Need for Pro-Farmer Reforms:

These are some reason which are obstacles in the speedy development of Agriculture Sector. These are listed below:
  • Fragmented Markets
  • Insufficient Markets
  • Market Fees and Charges
  • Inadequate Infrastructure
  • Post-Harvest Losses
  • Restriction in Licensing
  • High Intermediation Costs
  • Information Asymmetry
  • Inadequate Credit Facilities
To tackle with these obstacle faced by farmers and agriculture sector, Government has taken a decisive action by passing new farm bills 2020.

Benefits of Farm Bill 2020, Essay on farm bill benefits, Agriculture bill 2020 benefits, Farmer bill 2020 benefits
Farm Bills Benefits

Benefits of farm bill 2020

There are numerous of benefits of new farm bill 2020. Some of these are given as under:
  • Now farmers have freedom of choice to sell their produce in APMC mandi or choose any other seller. Now they have multiple options to sell their products.
  • Now famers can fix/bargain price for their price produces at their door-step. Earlier once produce brought to mandi farmer has to accept whatever price is offered.
  • Earlier there were long chain of intermediaries but now there will be minimum or no intermediary.
  • Now rural farm youth will get opportunity trade and run supply chain earlier there were no opportunity for farm youth to trade agri commodities.
  • Earlier freedom to sell fruits and vegetables outside of APMC mandi existed in some states but now this freedom is extended to all agri produce and all over the country.
  • Earlier small land holders did not have scale and bargaining power in input and output markets but now they are empowered to access modern input, services and protection against price risk. Farmer Producer Organizations help small farmers' organize for better bargaining power.
  • Contract farming is now nationally enabled and on terms favourable to farmers earlier contract farming was restricted only to some pockets.
  • Now farmers will be partners in value chain earlier farmers were not part of value chain.
  • Now export competitiveness will increase and farmers will be benefited. Earlier exports were getting uncompetitive due to long chain of intermediataries.
Source/Credits: Putting Farmers First Booklet published by MIB, GoI.

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