Importance of Trees Essay for Students | Importance of Trees Essay

Trees, without which we can't survive on the earth, everyone must know the importance of trees in our life. Here, we have written an essay on importance of trees for the students. This essay on importance of trees carries various interesting information that everyone must know. Let's write essay on importance of trees.

Essay on Importance of Trees

Since the bingeing, trees provide us with Oxygen and Food which are essential for life. Without trees the life on earth is impossible. They also provide us shelter and medicines. In this modern age, the value of trees is growing day by day as trees fulfill the demand of modern living styles in communities and societies. Trees planted in parks, playgrounds, and backyards create a peaceful, aesthetically pleasing environment and improve the quality of life by bringing natural elements into our life and urban settings.

Importance of Trees Essay: Environment and Ecology

Trees are very important for a healthy environment and ecology. They provide oxygen, improve air quality, ameliorate climate, conserve water, preserve soil, and support wildlife. During the process of photosynthesis, trees take carbon dioxide and release oxygen. By converting carbon dioxide into oxygen, trees reduce the effect of greenhouse gas which are responsible for global warming. Plantation of trees is very helpful for the prevention of environmental pollution.

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Trees also make climate aesthetically pleasing by moderating the effect of sun, rain, and wind. Leaves of the trees observe radiant energy and keep the environment and things cool during the summer. Trees also lower the air temperature and reduce the heat intensity by maintaining a low level of carbon dioxide.

The roots of the trees fight against soil erosion by holding the soil into their roots. Trees absorb and store rainwater and prevent floods. Fallen leaves of trees make excellent compost which enriches soils and improves the productivity of the crops.

Importance of Trees Essay: Life and Society

Life without plants and trees is impossible. The food that we eat and the breath without which we can't live come from plants and trees. Everything which is essential for life comes from the plants either directly or indirectly. We get wood from trees which are required for making furniture for houses and offices. Various industries like pulp and paper industry, sports equipment industry, etc are based on wood that comes from trees.

Medicines, which now have become very essential for every family also comes from various plants and herbs. These medicines are called ayurvedic medicines which have permanent remedy for diseases since the beginning of civilization.

The importance of trees can also be seen in the field of spirituality. Peepal, Neem, Tulsi, Oak, etc. trees are worshiped since the beginning. These trees also provide 24 hours oxygen and help in soothing environment and controlling pollution.

Importance of Trees Essay: Our duty towards trees and plants

From the above, it is clear that there is a huge importance of trees in our life. Therefore, it is our duty to plant trees, stop cutting trees and work for the betterment of environment and ecology. For creating awareness about environment, World Environment Day is also observed on 5th June every year. Trees help in controlling pollution, reducing global warming, and providing us a healthy life. We all should come together to save trees and work to heal the environment because without trees life is impossible.

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