Essay on Unemployment for Students | Unemployment Essay in English

Essay on Unemployment | Unemployment Essay in English: In many countries level of unemployment has reached at its peak level. Skilled people are wondering in search of job. This has become a serious matter of concern in India also. Thus essay on unemployment is very important essay topic for students. Let's see essay on unemployment in English which is about 500 words and very important for all exams.

Essay on Unemployment

Unemployment is a very serious problem prevalent across the world. Many highly educated and skilled people are unemployed and searching for new job. Growing population, advancement of technology, global recession, pandemic etc. are some of the major reasons for unemployment.

What is unemployment ?

When a skilled and educated person who is employable and actively seeking for a job but there is no job available, this is called the state of unemployment. Unemployment also include those people who are working but do not have an appropriate job. Unemployment rate is measured as a percentage of unemployed persons to the total persons in the labour workforce.

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Reason behind growing unemployment

Growing population, recession, stagnation in industrial development, illiteracy, pandemic, seasonal changes in the environment etc. are major reasons for unemployment. Recent pandemic Covid-19 made many people unemployed as it destroys many business due to lockdown restrictions to contain Covid-19. essay on unemployment

Types of Unemployment

As per the nature of unemployment, it can be divided into following types;

  • Cyclical Unemployment
  • Frictional Unemployment
  • Structural Unemployment
  • Seasonal Unemployment

Cyclical Unemployment

Cyclical unemployment is caused by the contraction phases in the business cycle which is based on the demand and supply of the goods and services. When the demand of the goods and services falls dramatically, it forces business to reduce number of workers to cut the costs. Essay on Unemployment PDF download Here

For controlling the cyclical unemployment, government's monetary policy, fiscal policy and other intervention is required as cyclical unemployment is primarily based on upturns and downturns of the economy.

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Essay on unemployment

Frictional Unemployment

Frictional unemployment occurs when people voluntarily leave a job and searching for new job. Primary cause of frictional unemployment is search for better job opportunities. Generally people change their jobs for better services, improvement in salary and wages. Many times dissatisfaction with the previous job, and strikes by trade unions and other forms of non-unionized work actions also causes frictional unemployment.

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Structural unemployment

Structural unemployment is an involuntary longer-lasting form of unemployment caused by fundamental changes in an economy. Installation of new technology, competition, changes in government policy etc. are some major factors which causes structural unemployment. Structural unemployment occurs due to mismatch between the skills that workers can offer, and the skills demanded by employers in the economy.

Seasonal Unemployment

As its name suggests, seasonal unemployment is result of changes in the season. Many workers are employed in one season and unemployed in other season like ice cream vendor is fully employed during summer but in the winter season they become unemployed. Workers engaged in sector like resort, tourism, ski instructors etc. are more affected to seasonal unemployment.

Initiatives to overcome unemployment

To provide employment opportunities to people Government of India has started many schemes. These schemes includes skill development schemes, credit linked subsidy schemes and other schemes.  Some of these schemes are Mahatma Gandhi NREGA, Integrated Rural Development Programme (IRDP), Drought Prone Area Programme (DPAP), credit linked schemes for small and medium business etc. In addition to these schemes the government also making some rules flexible so that businesses can grow and employment opportunities can be created.

Hope you liked this essay on unemployment which provides clear view about; what is unemployment, types of unemployment, reason for growing unemployment. You can read important essay on various topics from here in addition to this essay on unemployment.

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