India's First Virtual Toy Fair 2021 (27 February to 02 March) : Facts and Highlights

Indian Toy Fair 2021

India strides hard to achieve target of building a new Atmanirbhar Bharat by the year 2022 to mark 75 glorious years of India’s Independence. With 130 Crore population India is second largest country in the world and most of the population is younger generation which demands for variety of toys and games for their entertainment.

To fulfill the worldwide demand of toys of young generations including kids and to boost the toy manufacturing in the country promoting the vocal for local the 1st India Toy Fair 2021 is being organised from 27th February 2021 to 2nd March 2021. As per the need of hour this Toy Fair will be organised on the Virtual format.

India's First Virtual Fair 2021

Experience the next chapter of the Indian Toy Story unfold on your screen, India's first Virtual Fair will be organised from 27th February to 2nd March 2021 through the first-ever digitally accessible exhibition and platform. Here you can not only browse and buy toys but also participate in events, activities and network with the various stakeholders of the Toy Industry.

Registration for India Toy Fair 2021

Children, parents, teachers, exhibitors, etc. can register themselves on the website to participate in the virtual toy fair and showcase various facets of the Indian Toy ecosphere.

Advantages of Indian Toy Fair 2021

These are numerous benefits or advances of India Toy Fair 2021 in the current as well as future prospective. This will help in achieving the target of AatmaNirbahr Bharat by 2022 and also promote the theme vocal for local by promoting the production of local toys. Some of important advantages are given below:

  • Indian Toy Fair 2021 will provide unique opportunity for parents and their children to immerse themselves in the vibrant world of Indian toys from the comfort of their homes. 
  • This is an exciting opportunity for Teachers and Educators to understand the relevance of Indian toys in creating a holistic learning experience for students of all age-groups. 
  • This is a platform for everyone to understand, support and promote the Indian Toy Industry. 
In addition to this from Indian Toy Fair 2021 you can also;
  • Explore and buy various traditional and modern toys and games
  • Understand the history and art of Indian toy manufacturing through various interactive sessions
  • Discover the role of toys and games in learning and in developing cognitive and creative skills
  • Participate in engaging webinars, panel discussions, activities and quizzes
  • Learn about the safety standards of toys and games 
  • Be vocal for local toys & games and support the aspirations of Atmanirbhar Bharat
  • Importance of Skill Enhancement and Entrepreneurship for promoting Toy Industry of India


How to register for India Toy Fair 2021

Ans: You can participate in First Virtual Fair of India by registering on

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