Yoga and Benefits of Yoga | Yoga Day

Yoga and its benefits

Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice originated in ancient India for healthy and disciplined life of human being.

What is Yoga

Yoga is an ancient ascetic discipline that was performed by people to connect their minds and body. This is a type of physical and mental exercise to stay fit, relaxed and calm. Exercise includes specific posture, simple meditation, breath control and balancing of elements of our body. Thus it helps in flourishing the human health condition.

Yoga and Benefits of Yoga | Yoga Day

Benefits of Yoga

Maintaining a regular yoga practice have a lots of benefits. It builds strength, awareness and harmony in our mind and body. There are numerous physical and mental healing benefits of yoga.

Physical benefits

Regular practice of relaxation techniques of yoga can lessen chronic pain, such as lower back pain, arthritis, headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome. Yoga can also lower blood pressure and reduce insomnia like disorder. In addition to this  benefits of yoga include:

  • Increases endurance, strength, and flexibility
  • Increased muscle strength and tone
  • Improved respiration, energy and vitality
  • Maintaining a balanced metabolism
  • Weight reduction
  • Cardio and circulatory health
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Protection from injury etc.

Mental Benefits

In addition to physical benefits, Yoga helps a person to manage manage stress, which is known to have devastating effects on the body and mind. Stress can unveil itself in many ways, including back or neck pain, sleeping problems, headaches, drug abuse, and an inability to concentrate.

Incorporation of yoga and meditation in daily routine can help improve a person’s mental well-being. Regular practice of yoga creates mental clarity and calmness,  increases body awareness, relieves chronic stress patterns, relaxes the mind, centers attention, and improves concentration.

Yoga Day or International Yoga Day

International Day of Yoga has been celebrated with great enthusiasm world wide on 21st June every year since 2015 following its inception by United Nations General Assembly in 2014.

The idea of International Day of Yoga was first proposed by Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi during his speech at United Nation General Assembly on 24th September, 2014. Proposing the 21st June as International Day of Yoga Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the 21st June is longest day of the year in the mass northern hemisphere and this day has also many other special significance in many parts of the world.

Following the proposal of Prime Minister Naredra Modi, United Nations General Assembly entitled 21st June as International Day of Yoga and first International Day of Yoga celebrated on 21st June 2015. This year also International Day of Yoga will be celebrated across the world on 21st June 2020.

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