Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha: A Resolution to Ramrajya

Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha: A Resolution to Ramrajya

Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha: A Resolution to Ramrajya

The Pran Pratishtha or consecration ceremony in Ayodhya marked a significant milestone bringing an end to a 500-year quest for a Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. The Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi marked this event as the end of a long wait construction of the temple dedicated to Lord Ram.

While the Ram Temple is now a reality and Chanting of Mere Ghar Ram Aaye Hain, is filled everywhere. Now the paramount concern is to prevent the recurrence of religious disputes in India. It is imperative for all to adhere to the principles of Ram Rajya and uphold Dharma.

Significance of Construction of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya

The construction and Pran Pratishtha of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya is a significant event that marks the end of a long-standing dispute and the beginning of a new chapter (Ramrajya) in India’s history .

The Religious Significance of Ayodhya Ram temple is that it is the sacred abode of one of the Hindu pantheon’s most popular gods, Ram, who Hindus believe was born at the exact site in Ayodhya. The Ram Temple in Ayodhya is a Symbol of Faith. Millions of Hindus and other communities worship Lord Ram with an intense belief that chanting his name (Ram, Ram,.....) in times of adversity will bring peace and prosperity, and most of those who practice Hinduism keep idols of Ram in their homes and worship it. Download PDF of this Essay: Click Here

The construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya is expected to turn Ayodhya into a major spiritual center in the country. This will also spur business and economic activity in the wider region due to enhanced connectivity as it will become most popular spiritual and tourism place in India. The Tirupati temple draws millions of devotees annually significantly boosting the local economy, Ram temple will also draw attention of million of devotees.

Construction of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya will also strengthen India's Cultural Diplomacy. Ram's divinity not only holds sway as a prominent religious influence in India but also constitutes an integral part of the cultural heritage in nations across the world such as Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Malaysia which will additionally strengthen India's cultural diplomacy.

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Values of Lord Rama in a Democracy like India

Construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya will bring Ramrajya which is Promoting Dharma (Righteousness). It is also encourage leaders and citizens to uphold moral and ethical principles in all aspects of life. Ramrajya emphasize the importance of honesty, integrity, and fairness in personal and public dealings. The faith in Rama establish a robust and impartial judicial system that ensures justice for all citizens, regardless of their background. It's principle also promotes equal opportunities and fair treatment for all individuals, irrespective of caste, religion, or socio-economic status.

Ramrajya also promote the idea of leaders as servants of the people, focusing on the well-being and development of the community. It encourage humility, compassion, and a commitment to public service among political leaders. Ramrajya emphasize communal harmony and unity, discouraging divisive elements that may lead to conflicts. It also encourage dialogue and understanding among different communities, fostering a spirit of tolerance and coexistence.

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As the construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya was heartly supported by all, the principles of Ramrajya should also be followed by all. This will make India super power among nations  in the world in all fields.

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