Essay on Sports Culture in India: Why India lagging in Sports Culture

Essay on Sports Culture in India

Our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi called on the youth to consider a career in sports. He encouraged the youths of the country to foster a sports culture in the country.

Despite sport being an integral part of human personality development and entertainment, India has very little to show as achievement in international sports. Till now India has had a very few big names in international sports except in some sports like cricket and wrestling.

India in recent sport events 

India’s medal tally in 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Para-Olympic are 7 and 19 with 48th and 22nd Rank respectively which is the most decorated Olympic Games in Indian history. India ranks second in list of most populated countries of the world but when we talk about metals in Olympics it won only a total of 35 medals since 1900 to Tokyo Olympics 2020. Though India has a large youth population but there is a poor performance in the Olympics and other International games.

In the recent Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022, India secured 4th rank with a total of 61 medals. When more than 50 percent of India’s population is below the age of 30 years, a little more efforts and encouragement can bring more laurels in India’s bag.

Essay on Sports Culture in India: Why India lagging in Sports Culture

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Why India lagging in Sports Culture

There are various reasons behind India’s poor sport culture some of them are as under:

  • Lack of Sport Infrastructure and World level Training & funds
  • Lack of Sport Sprit, Social support and encouragement  
  • Indian society don’t consider sports as career options  
  • Poor competitive environment for the Sports 
  • Lack of encouragement for sports on the elementary school level

Lack of Sports infrastructure & World level Training & funds

In India there is poor infrastructure for sports which is a big hindrance in progress sports. For example; Swimming players need a swimming pool but there are very few world-level swimming pools where players can practice swimming. India spends less than one percent of its GDP on sports. Due to shortage of funds, there is a constant struggle to get sports equipment, medical support, and other types of financial support. Also there is a poor sport system to develop sport skill. Lack of world-level trainers and coaches are other important reason behind India’s lagging in sports. For example, Neeraj Chopra’s Coach is a foreign Citizen, no other javelin player can get the same facilities as they are not famous yet.

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Lack of Sports Spirit, Social support, encouragement

Except some games like cricket there is hardly any social support for other sports like archery, swimming, discus throw, weight lifting, kabaddi, etc. On the State level or even on the National level players and games hardly have an audience. Players of most games do not get the audience that they deserve. Audience and recognition boost the morale of players, a sport person who feels appreciated will always do more than expected.

Indian society doesn’t consider sports as career options

We all are familiar with the saying that “Padhoge Likhoge Banoge Nawab, Kheloge Khudoge Banoge Kharab”  means to lead a good life study is important but Playing Games is just an entertainment and consider as a leisure activity. The harsh reality is not different from the above-mentioned quote: many national-level players are struggling to meet both ends and accepting some not-so-glorified jobs. Except for athletes who excel at the national or International level and become famous, others leave sports early due to the absence of career opportunities.

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Lack of encouragement for sports at the elementary school level

Haryana is Called the sports capital of India because Haryana has an established culture of sport on Grass root level. But in other states, sports and physical education are seen as extracurricular activity. Children are encouraged to devote the majority of their time on studies and sports are treated as an activity not to be taken seriously.

The poor competitive environment for the Sports

Poor Bench strength development for competitiveness, we know we have very few names in most of the sports except cricket. There is no player whom one considers a role model and this culture develops Poor Bench strength development for competitiveness.

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Initiative of Government to Promote Sports Culture

Government of India is constantly working to increase the Sports spirit and Culture in India. The Ministry of Sports in Sep 2014 launched the Target Olympic Podium Scheme famously known as TOPS to improve India’s Performance in the Paralympic and Olympics. Under the scheme, extra monetary assistance and training from the national and international coaches will be provided to the players. 

The Government has also launched some national Level Sports Competitions like Khelo India Programme which is a national-level event organized by the Sports Authority of India (SAI)  every Year. The programme has been introduced to revive the sports culture in India at the grass-root level. For this purpose a strong framework for all sports played in our country has been prepared which aims to establish India as a great sporting nation.

Under the programme, talented players are identified in priority sports disciplines at various levels by the High-Powered Committee. They will also be provided annual financial assistance of Rs.5 lakh per annum for 8 years.

Another Important National level sports Competition organized by Government of India is the National Games of India. In the National Games of India, Athletes from all States of India participate and perform. With time Society is also changing the famous Slogan “Padhoge Likhoge Banoge Nawab, Kheloge Khudoge Banoge Kharab” is now “Khelo Khudogo Banoge Lajavab”.

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Sports Culture: Way Forward

Sports is an integral part of Soft power as political Scientist Joseph Nye Jr Said “Power is an attraction through culture, political ideas, and policies rather than coercion” that military hard power exhibits. So, sports are just not an integral part of human personality development and entertainment but they are more than this. All types of sports deserve State’s and Public’s appreciation, participation, respect, importance, and attention. It’s time we encourage and inspire young talent of the country and give them top-notch infrastructure and training of the highest level to make India a sport super power.

Hope you liked this essay on Sports Culture in India and it helped you in your exam preparation. Keep vision to get more essays on trending topics.

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