Essay on Plastic Waste Management | Plastic Waste Management Essay

Essay on Plastic Waste Management is very important essay topic for all competitive exams as use of plastic is growing day by day which causes increasing environmental issues. Let's see this Plastic Waste Management Essay which is very important for all competitive as well as academic exam.

Essay on Plastic Waste Management | Plastic Waste Management Essay

Plastic waste has become one of the most pressing environmental issues that the world is facing today. Millions of tons of plastic wastes are generated every year which causes environmental pollution leading to dangerous health issues in human as well as other living creatures. The serious concern is that the amount of Solid waste from municipal, plastic waste, automobile waste is expected to be 3 times by 2025. Presently very less plastic wastes are recycled. Huge wastes generated from growing use of single use plastic demands a clarion call for a systematic plastic waste management.

Essay on Plastic Waste Management | Plastic Waste Management Essay

What is Plastic Waste Management ? 

Plastic Waste Management aims to establish environment friendly plastic waste disposal solutions. In the process it seeks to reduce, reuse, recycle plastics and ban the use of plastic bags littering across the state. Further, in order to ensure sustainability, environmental awareness among the general masses is required for people participation in elimination of plastic wastes.

Principles of Plastic Waste Management 

Reduce, reuse, recycle are basic principles of plastic waste management. Few small steps in day to day life can help in large extant to reduce the plastic waste. Participation of whole community is essential however beginning from single person can make a big difference. Below are some steps which are integral part of Plastic Waste Management:  

  • Discouraging the use of disposal plastics
  • Identifying and promoting plastic items that can be replaced with non-plastic, recyclable, or biodegradable materials
  • Recycling through Technologies and Innovation
  • Promoting a plastic-free workplace
  • Purchase item Second hand
  • Use environment friendly package items
  • Creating environmental awareness to avoid plastics 

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Why demand for Plastic is increasing?

Plastic is resistant, inert, and lightweight material which offers many benefits to companies, consumers, and other links in society due to its low-cost and versatile nature. From medical industry to automobile industry all are using plastics in huge quantity. Download PDF of  this Essay: Click Here

In the medical industry, syringes and various surgical implements are made of plastic and these all are single use plastics. In addition to this plastics are also used to keep things sterile in medical industry. 

In the automotive industry, it is used to reduce weight of vehicle and also to reduce fuel consumption. Reduced weight of various parts in the automotive industry are result of plastic which reduced the total cost of the items also. From helmets which protect our heads to seatbelts, airbags etc. are made of plastics.

Lots of plastics are used as packaging material. Swiggy, Zomato like food delivery platforms to other physical product delivery platforms all are using plastic in high quantity.

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Single Use Plastic: the real problem?

More than 40% of the total plastic which are produced, is single use plastic, which is used only once before throwing it. Many of the plastic products such as plastic bags, food wrappers, plastic glass have a lifespan of merely minutes to hours. But these wastes are persist in the environment for hundreds of years.

The action of Sea, sunlight, wind, and waves break down plastic waste into small particles which is known as microplastics. These microplastics spread and mixed throughout the water and soil and have been found in every corner of the globe. These microplastics beaks down further into smaller pieces which is known as plastic microfibers. These plastic microfibers have been found in drinking water systems leading to life-threatening diseases.

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Government's Efforts towards Plastic Waste Management

Government and International organizations across the world are striving hard to eliminate the use of single use plastic and better plastic waste management. In this regard, Indian Government has launched nationwide awareness campaign on Single Use Plastics on the occasion of world environment day. A mobile app for Single Use Plastics Grievance Redressal was also launched by the Government to empower citizens to check sale/usage/manufacturing of Single use plastics in their area and tackle the plastic menace.

Plastic Waste Management Amendment Rules, 2022 prohibits the manufacture, import, distribution, stocking, sale and use of several single-use plastic items from July 1, 2022. The Plastic Waste Management Rule also mandated Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) that incorporates circularity by making manufacturers of products responsible for collecting and processing their products upon the end of the products’ lifetime.

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