Earth Day 2024 Date, Theme, Activities and Major Highlights

Earth Day is an annual occasion celebrated World wide to create awareness to protect our planet Earth. The day is observed on 22nd April every year. Lets explore more about Earth Day 2024 which is also known as World Earth Day 2024. 

Earth Day 2024

Earth Day 2024: 22 April 2024

Earth day 2024 will be observe on 22 April 2024. This day aims to create awareness about various ways to protect our planet Earth so that all living being can live happily. human activities that have been done without caring for our environment and earth makes our earth polluted and degraded to live. this day calls to take action to protect our Earth.

Earth Day 2024 Date, Theme, Activities and Major Highlights

Earth Day Theme 2024

Earth Day theme 2024: Planet Vs Plastics

The theme for Earth Day 2024 is Planet Vs Plastics. this year the theme of Earth day 2024 is focusing to annihilate the use of growing demand of plastics. the Earth Day 2024 aims to a reduction of 60% in the use of all types of plastic by the year 2040.

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Our duty on the occasion of Earth Day 2024

As we are living on this planet earth, it is our duty to protect it and make it peaceful and natural so that all living creature can live here happily. Earth Day 2024 is focusing to protect our environment, our Earth by reducing the use of plastics. It is high time to stop the use of all type of plastics and use environment friendly items. By creating awareness about bad impacts of using plastics, we can stop the use of plastics which will protect our environment as well our planet earth.

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