5 ways to cope with stress during exam time

5 ways to cope with stress during exam time

Your exams are coming up and you’ve stress about it. Well, you’re not alone. As exam approaches, fear, anxiety, stress become common among students. And sometimes these emotional activities lead to “Bad” academic performance.

So, if you’re worried regarding Exam and fearful thoughts are constantly popping up in your mind such as:

  • What if I get less marks in the exam?
  • How my family members, neighbours, and relatives will react, if I got less mark?  They will make fun of me.
  • What if I obtain less mark than my friends?

Then, you’re at the right place….

In this article, we’ll go through 5 ways to Cope with stress during Exam Time. We all know, exam times are really fearful and stressful, What matter most is: “Your Self-discipline”, how you spend your day and night whether you’re getting proper sleep or just studying the whole night, Is your body moving properly or your’re just sitting on Couch throughout the day.

So, this article is going to be all about things you should be doing and avoiding during exam time so that you can score better marks even after stress and anxiety. 

5 ways to cope with stress during exam time

Plan Your Study Schedule 

Throughout the exam period, you need to study with proper planning to score good marks. Self-discipline is key to your success. So, Don’t just study Randomly (switching from one subject to another in minutes) and call it “study”, instead make a proper schedule of each and everything for the day including playing time, gossip time, watching youtube videos, etc. 

For that, you can use techniques like “Time Blocking or Time boxing”. These time management techniques are super helpful in productivity. Most productive and successful people across the world like Elon Musk, Bill gates plan their workday using Time blocking. The reason is, it keeps you organized and focused for task.

However it has a few limitations as well, one of them is, it takes a lot of time for planning. But I think, it is worth spending few minutes planning instead of surfing web pages randomly for hours.

Avoid Social Media distraction 

According to Robin Sharma 

“An Addiction to distraction is the death of your creative production"

Do you know? There is one thing out in the workplace which can ruin your hours of planning: ”Distraction”. Yeah! If you have planned everything minutes for minutes but ultimately you caught up in the distraction, surfing Instagram Reels, watching your favorite creators videos one after one. Your hours of planning are worthless.

As Robin Sharma said if you spend your golden hours in distraction. You’re not going to create something valuable and creative.

That is why Avoid using your phone during golden hours especially in starting of the day. Use this energy in creation of something else; Reading the most difficult chapter, solving worksheets, attending Quiz etc. 

Here are some steps, you can follow to avoid Social media distraction: 

  • Keep your phone away from Study Table
  • Find a quiet space for studying.
  • Keep your important notebooks together so you don’t move to the shelf again and again.

If you want to use your phone, check during break time (But don’t visit social media). However, you can listen to your favorite music, read inspiring articles. These activities refuel your energy, motivation and give a boost for the next big project so that you can study with full focus and creativity.

Workout and mediation 

 You might have heard this quote 

“A healthy mind lives in the healthy body" and it is absolutely true. A body with illness, lack of proper workout, and mediation can’t have a healthy mind.

Here is the secret for a healthy mind; Workout and Mediation. Don’t believe me, instead of practice it yourself, go for a morning walk in the morning, do some physical exercises, and practice mediation. You’ll notice, you are more productive and focused than earlier.

So, try to dedicate at least 1 hour in the morning to workout, yoga, and mediation and it will keep you calm, productive, and focused throughout the whole day. 

Get Proper Sleep

Terrible sleeping habits become common among students during exam time. Students prefer studying late night consuming a lot of Caffeine. These bad habits can be dangerous for your health as well as for your study.

In fact, bad sleeping habit affects our mental condition. If you’re not getting good sleep, studying hard Day and Night. So you might experience laziness throughout the day doing “yawning".

Try to get sleep of at least 8 hours during Exam time so that your mind works with full productivity and focused during the day. According to a study, "A good sleep improves memorization power”. So, if you have to memorize a lot, get good sleep first.

Talk to someone 

Talking to someone who you trust is one of the best way to deal with this kind of situation. Tell your problem to your parents, elder brother or sister, or your subject teachers who have gone through this phase. They will definitely guide you and you will feel relaxed.

Final thoughts 

Stress and anxiety are common during exam time. Everyone experience it. But the most important thing is “how you control it?” Fear and anxiety can poor your performance even after outstanding preparation. So, deal with it using proper strategies and techniques provided above for scholastic achievement.

Written by: Suchit Yadav, writer at www.mathsknowledge.com

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