Are New generation losing the habit of reading books?

In this age of technology when everything available online, the habit of reading books among the new generations is decreasing day by day. The most probable reason behind this is the online availability of video and audio material whether it is study material or it is related to entertainment.

New Generation Losing Habit of Reading Books

If we think about a few years back, people like to read books, newspapers, magazines, novels, etc.  Students used to read books for knowledge, preparation for exams, and for entertainment. The room of the students used to be full of books. Little students also enjoy reading comic books in addition to their school books. But now the technological advancement has been changing the habits of people and new generation youths losing the habit of reading books.

Losing the habit of reading books role of internet

Now all information is available on the internet and most of them are also available in video format. People feel relaxed in watching videos in comparison to reading books. Everything which was earlier available on paper is now available on the internet. Earlier writers used to write mesmerizing books and people love to read them. But nowadays people prefer to watch its video format instead of reading books. The oldest epics Ramayana and Mahabharat have also complied in video format and people prefer watching it instead of reading these epics. Various novels which people love to read now converted in movies because people prefer watching videos instead of reading novels.

Are new generation losing the habit of reading books?

Losing the habit of reading books during pandemic

Presently world is suffering from deadliest pandemic COVID-19. The impact of covid pandemic has been shifting traditional classes into online classes. Now students have to take online classes where just watch what teacher taught during the online class. This has also some role in losing habit of reading books among new generations.

Losing the habit of reading books role of 5G technology

People working on the internet also know the demand of people and they prepare such videos content which people love to watch. 4G and 5G internet technology has made available high speed internet  everywhere. People are watching videos without any glitch. When everything is available on internet why they search it in books. It is also a fact that nowadays there is a huge amount of video content available online. These are very engaging and entertaining and full of knowledge. People can find it out very easily therefore people prefer to watch online instead of reading books.

Benefits of Reading Books

Reading books is a very good habit. Sometimes it acts like yoga for your brain. It improves your concentration and knowledge. Habit of reading books also improve your writing skill and speech delivery skill. Therefore students must read books regularly instead of becoming dependent only on video content.

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