Essay on World Environment Day | World Environment Day essay in English

World Environment Day is celebrated worldwide. Essay on World Environment Day is an important essay topic for school students. This is also an important essay topic for the students preparing for competitive exams as well as academic exams. Before we write an essay on world environment day we should understand the points that we should include in an essay on world environment day. Here is a mind map for the essay on world environment day; What is an environment? Is the environment is in danger? Why we need to observe world environment day? Purpose of world environment day observation, How to protect the environment?

Let's write an essay on World Environment Day.

Essay on World Environment Day

World Environment Day is celebrated worldwide on 5th June every year to create awareness among the general masses about the environment. The main purpose of celebrating World Environment Day is to aware people of the protection and conservation of the environment. World Environment Day was started by United Nations Environmental Program and it was first celebrated in 1974. Since then it is celebrated on 5th of June every year.

Natural Environment and its need

In simple words, environment refers any things that surround us whether these are living or non-living things. Animals, plants, soil, water, and other living and non-living things, natural forces all are components of the environment. Living things live in their environment and constantly interact with it. It is very necessary for all living things to live in their environment because they adopt the conditions of their environment.

Why we need to protect environment

Day by day level of pollution is growing rapidly. This causes very dangerous effect on the environment. All the components of the environment; hydrosphere, atmosphere, biosphere have become very polluted. These pollution are caused by natural forces like eruption of a volcano, forest fire, etc and activities driven by human like deforestation, smoke, use of chemicals, etc. Increasing pollution is causing life-threatening diseases. The condition of the environment is deteriorating day by day by this pollution. Therefore it is our duty to stop pollution and protect our environment. 

Activities on World Environment Day

World Environment Day is celebrated across the world to aware people of the current condition of environment. On this day people come together and work for protecting our environment. People plant saplings on this day. They also organize plantation drives and plant thousands of saplings.

United Nations chooses a theme for every year world environment day and focuses to work on that theme for the protection of environment. Many organizations come together on this day and joints hands to work on the theme chosen by the United Nations for the world environment day celebration. Schools, Colleges, and other Institutions also aware students about environment and organize some activities on this day for the protection of the environment. 

World Environment Day Essay: Conclusion

To improve the condition of the environment, the Government, National and International Organizations must come together to fight the problem of pollution and save the environment. Government should introduce strict laws and discourage single-use plastic. They should promote the plating of trees and stop the cutting of trees. By this way, we can protect our environment as well as our lives.

Essay on World Environment Day | World Environment Day essay in English for class 5, 6,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

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