Noun: Noun Meaning and Types of Noun

Noun is initial topic of English Grammar. In this article we will explain meaning of noun or noun meaning, definition of noun, types of noun and forms of noun with examples of all types of noun.

Noun: Noun Meaning and Types of Noun, common noun, proper noun, collective noun, abstract noun,

Noun Meaning:

A noun is a word which is used as the name of a place, person or thing. In simple language, Noun is a name of person, place or things.

For example : Shyam, Krisha, Sita, Anuj, Suman, Delhi, Lucknow, India, Canada, Paper, Pen, Book, Copy, Cooler, Table etc.

Types of Noun:

Noun is classified into following four groups.
  1. Common Noun
  2. Proper Noun
  3. Collective Noun
  4. Abstract Noun
In addition to these Nouns may also be classified  into Material Noun, Gender Noun, Concrete Noun and Countable and Uncountable Noun. 

Common Noun:

A Common Noun is a name given in common to every place, person or thing of the same kind or class.

Look at the following sentence :

Ram was a great king.

In this sentence, The Noun Ram refers to a particular king, but the Noun King  might be used with any other king. We call Ram a Proper Noun and King a Common Noun.


Lalita is a girl.

Here, Lalita is a Proper Noun, while girl is a Common Noun.

Lucknow is a city.

Here, Lucknow is a Proper Noun, while city is a Common Noun.

Common Noun Examples :

Look at the above two sentence; "Lalita is a girl"  and "Lucknow is a city" The words city and girl are common nouns, because they are the names of common to all girls and cities. 

Thus some common noun examples are girl, boy, country, king, city, ruler etc.

Proper Noun :

A Proper Noun is the name of some particular place or person. The meaning of Proper is one's own, hence, a Proper Noun is a person's own name.
  • The first letter of Proper Noun always written in capital letter.
  • Sometimes Proper Nouns are used as Common Nouns; for example, Sachin is the Bradman of India.

Proper Noun Examples :

Look at these two sentence; "Seema is a girl"  and "Delhi is a city" The words Seema and Delhi are proper nouns examples, because they are the names of particular girl and city. 

Collective Noun :

A Collective Noun is the name of a number (or collection) of persons or things taken together and spoken of as one whole or in a group.

Collective Noun Examples :

Mob, crowd, team, herd, flock, army, family, fleet, nation, committee, jury, parliament, troop, navy, library etc. are collective noun examples. Because these are collection or groups of things or person.

For example:

A library is a collection of books
An army is a collection of soldiers
A crowd is a collection of people
A herd is a collection of cattle.

Thus, when a name represents a group of similar individuals, considered as one undivided whole, it is called collective noun.

Abstract Noun:

An Abstract Noun is typically the name of action, quality or state considered apart from the object to which it belongs.

Abstract Noun Examples:


Goodness, kindness, darkness, whiteness, hardness, brightness, honesty, wisdom, bravery etc.


Laughter, theft, movement, judgement, heroism, hatred etc.


Childhood, boyhood, youth, slavery, sleep, sickness, poverty etc.

The name of the Science and Arts (Exp. grammar, chemistry, physics, music etc.) are also abstract nouns.


In this article we have covered Noun, Meaning of Noun i.e. noun is name of place, person or things. Noun Meaning covered its definition also. Later we covered types of noun or classification of nouns. We leaned that there are four types of noun and covered all four types of noun with example i.e 1. common noun and common noun examples, 2. proper noun and proper noun examples, 3. collective noun and collective noun examples and 4. abstract noun and abstract noun examples.

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