My Mother Essay in English 10 Lines, Essay on My Mother

My mother essay in English 10 lines, Essay on my mother

Essay on my mother is a very interesting, important, and passionate essay topic for every student as this is about my mother, who gave birth to me and hence I live in this beautiful world. This about mother essay is just an example of an essay on my mother from which you can take ideas and excerpts. If you want to write the most beautiful essay on my mother then you think of your mother's love, care, devotion which will inspire you to write the best essay on my mother. Let's write an essay on my mother in English for students and children.

Essay on My Mother

The superwoman who always stands with me is one and only 'My Mother'. When I was a growing baby to become young she looks after whole day without caring for herself. She knows everything what we need and at which time, and she provides the same. The actual meaning of love, affection, care, responsibility etc I understood from my mother. She is my first teacher who taught me everything. When I started crawling she encouraged me to walk, when I fell down she hold my hands and make me walk. She taught me how to speak and what to speak and everything which requires to grow. She always forgives me for my silly mistakes. Many times she scold me for my mistakes so that I can improve myself.

Mother is the Key Person in my family who connects all the family members. She always takes care of all the family members for their health and food. She helps me with my homework and assignments and always cares about my academics, carrier, and future. Mother is the best creation of God in this universe who loves his child unconditionally. Love you mom.

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My Mother Essay 10 Lines

  • When I think about my mother, I always remember her smiling face in any situation.
  • She is a homemaker who manages all the family needs in my father's small salary.
  • She takes care of all my family members and works very hard.
  • She cooks delicious food for all of us which I love to eat.
  • My mother is my first teacher. She helps me in my homework and project preparation.
  • She encourages me whenever I feel nervous and teaches me the right path to become a successful human.
  • She is a very social and loving lady and welcomes guests warmly.
  • She is a spiritual lady and I learned a lot about spirituality from her.
  • I pray God to bless my mother with good health and happy life.
  • Mother is the best creation of God in this universe who is a symbol of unconditional love.

My Mother Essay in English 10 Lines

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My Mother Essay in English 10 Lines, Essay on My Mother

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